Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sick sick sickies Part 2:
How I found out I was a terrible mother, again. Again

Elizabeth puked all over my bed last night. Thanks for that hon.
It didn't even wake me up. NOT good.
After she puked she went out and slept on the couch, her dad was out there watching TV and falling asleep. He told her to go back to bed and she said she wouldn't because the "bed is wet".
Being the *inquisitive* man that he is, Bob did not ask her any follow-up questions, such as:
Wet? What do you mean wet?
Wet? Did you pee the bed?
What's that running out of your mouth and down your neck? Is that puke? That's PUKE!!

Suffice it to say, Bob will NOT be making detective any time soon.

I found out about the puke when I ROLLED OVER INTO IT!



So, there I am, at 6 am, touching puke.
NOT the best way to start my day.

Since I'm tired of all the pukeage, I called the kids doc, took the day off and brought them in to get checked.
Each child had lost about a pound. Not good. They managed not to puke or shit their pants crazy style the whole time we were there, which was fantastic. Especially fantastic after I changed Elizabeth's pull-up this morning and the stink of the poo was so heinous that I vomited. I actually vomited. For reals.

Anyway Dr. B's verdict was that Elizabeth probably has rotavirus a horrible little bug that gives kids diarrhea and kills over half a million children every year worldwide. One in 40 children who get it require hospitalization for intravenous fluids. GREAT. So, she's on Immodium AD and Gatorade ad infinitum.

Dylan, ah, sweet Dylan...Despite 10 days of amoxicillan...which is so strong it causes certain babies to break out in whole body rash...Dylan STILL has that ear infection. Now, like another certain someone, he is on zithromax, which cost me $32 at WalMart because apparantly Dylan got dropped from our health insurance because he turned one and we had to reapply for him. Lame. Also, apparently, the $4 generic drugs at WalMart does not apply to zithromax, for whatever stupid reason. Lame lame.

This $32 medicine better work, because if not, I'm getting a refund. Dude. I will look stupid, but I will raise Cain.

Seriously, what the hell am I doing wrong??

I don't steal from babies, I don't punch old ladies and I totally gave up hunting baby seals...where is all this bad karma coming from????


eaf said...

Dude. What can I say? Dude.


We've been through the rotavirus too. And the next couple entries here and here. It's no fun.

The good news is the Zithromax has worked and we have our smiley happy baby back. I love the zith. Totally worth the $32. Although I don't think we paid that much. Yay cushy county job.

Andrea said...

Sorry Elizabeth is sick, and so sorry you rolled in puke. Yuck. That nasty rotavirus is what gave Drew a seizure and put us in the hospital for three days. HATE the rotavirus.
I hope your kids are back to their normal happy selves ASAP.

Jessica said...

It's day three Zithromax and Dylan seems to be doing better.

Elizabeth too.
Yay! Hurray!