Friday, February 09, 2007

Autopsy set for US pop celebrity Anna Nicole Smith - Yahoo! News

Anna Nicole Smith Dies


Seriously, this news hit my office yesterday like a shockwave.
Everyone was talking about it, getting on the web to read more, etc etc.
It was ridiculous.
I personally was shocked.

Our editor and page designer were on deadline laying out the paper and the page designer asked about the placement of certain articles. Tongue in cheek our editor said, "None of that matters now! Anna Nicole Smith is dead!"

What makes the story sad is that little innocent baby that didn't ask to be born and is now in the center of a firestorm.


Freebird said...

Shocked here too.

Amy said...

Me too! We talked about it at lunch. I feel like she was a small-town girl who wasn't really ever smart enough to handle the life she got into, and she was taken advantage of a bit and caught up in it all. Hopefully that baby will have a normal life.

eaf said...

Are you kidding? That baby is now the most desired baby in the world. We're up to THREE potential fathers now. THREE!!! And one is a Prince. Honest to God royalty.

Never smart enough? She was cut out for the life she had... really. I don't see her as a tragedy. Maybe I'm cold-hearted, but she simply stated what she wanted and went for it. And she got it. Often.

I'm sad that she felt drugs and alcohol made her somehow a better person. But she certainly had a lot of love in her life apparently. Most men would fight over NOT being the father.

So weird.