Thursday, February 15, 2007

"There's a BRAT in our house!!"

I got sent home early from work today because I dry heaved my way through my lunch break.
My boss was sick yesterday with the same affliction and she decided that I should go home to puke my guts out. Thanks!

On the way home I picked up the kids from daycare.

We holed up in my bed and watched Day of Our Lives - ok, I watched Days and they tried to wrestle me and each other. Also, they hid under the blankets and pillows and thought that was hysterical.

In order to keep the puppy out of our room (so he wouldn't chew or pee on the pile of clean laundry on the floor) I put a baby gate across the doorway.
After I laid Dylan down in his crib for a nap, Elizabeth decided she needed to break out of the room. She started hanging out by the baby gate, wistfully peering out into the rest of the house possibly looking for an accomplice? I'm not sure what she was doing.

Anyway, about 20 minutes after Dylan fell asleep, the puppy got a hold of a magazine and started running around with it, tearing it to pieces. I was pukey sick and did not care. Elizabeth immediately ran to the door and started yelling at the dog.

No Sawyer! No!

I asked "What's he got?" she told me it was a magazine, I decided I didn't care that much...

Two minutes later she's SCREAMING "There's a brat in our house! There's a BRAT IN OUR HOUSE!" and then she starts to cry.

I get out of bed to investigate.

There's a "brat" in our house? Who? Sawyer?

"No!" she screamed "The BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!!!!!"

She points out the door and there it is, a giant, soaking wet, headless Rat. Not BRat, just Rat.

Ew. ew. ewewewewewewewew!
I don't know for sure WHO murdered this dead rat, but I do know it has to go bye-bye. I called Bob and he laughed at me and said he could NOT come home to get a dead rat out of the house and that I needed to "man up"
I told him "hell NO I'm not TOUCHING that thing, besides, what if it has HANTAVIRUS??"

He laughed and said he'd be home as soon as he could, which could mean anything from "I'll be home as soon as I can" to "I gotta get off the phone with this looney broad ASAP"

I went outside and got a rake, picked up the dead rat, and flung it outside...then I vacuumed and Lysoled the spot where it was.

There was a brat in our house!


Amy said...

Maybe she was abbreviating Beheaded Rat to Brat. It'd be kind of hard to scream "Beheaded Rat! Beheaded Rat!"

eaf said...

You so need to put a leash on that cat!

Jessica said...

We are not sure WHO killed the rat. In fact, Bob thinks it was the dog that killed it outside a few days ago. Now that he's mastered the cat door, he goes in and out while we're home during the day and evening and Bob thinks that Sawyer (the dog) went out and retrieved his earlier murder victim and brought him into the house.

However it happened, it was friggin' NASTY!

Bern said...

Is Louie teaching Sawyer some of his tricks now?