Saturday, March 24, 2007


Elizabeth is sitting on my lap because she's not feeling good and wants cuddles.
She's fascinated with boobs. She poked my boob.

"I hate boobs," she said.
"Because boobs are ridiculous," she said.
"Yeah, they are," I said.
"Yeah. Mommy boobs. And Daddy boobs."
"Daddy doesn't have boobs," I said.
"Well, he has nipples," she said.
I sat there, speechless, until she said.


Andrea said...

She is so wise. Boobs ARE ridiculous.

Jessica said...

So sayeth Spice Rack

Anonymous said...

Why are you speechless that she knows Bob has nipples. She seems to know about everything else.

Jessica said...

It wasn't so much speechless that she KNEW, but speechless because I wasn't sure what to say to her about, I wasn't sure if I should be casual...oh yeah, daddy's have nipples, no big deal. Have a fruit snack. Or if I should tell her that it was inappropriate...
While I was mulling that, she told me to laugh. And I did.