Friday, March 16, 2007


I just wrote out a massive post about my crappy day off....


It's all gone!

Here's the condensed version....

An elephant sat on my chest, metaphorically. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't stop freaking out.
On doctor's advice, I ran to the emergency room, sure I was stroking out or having a heart attack...

Turns out, it was neither.

One hefty dose of IV ativan proved that I was having a massive panic attack, triggered by ??????? who knows! Dead rabbit bones?? Maybe.

So now I've been prescribed Effexor and lorazepam to control my anxiety and quell future attacks.

No methadone, yet. But we'll see what happens.


Jason said...

They gave you meds after one panic attack?

Jessica said...

Technically, yes.
But I was put on medication last summer that I discontinued...and probably shouldn't have...
Now I have two weeks worth of medication and then I have to start going to a counselor.
Don't tell everyone...but I'm kind of a basketcase!

Jason said...

Here's something I tried just recently. I started taking a B-vitamin complex. I haven't had a depressive or panic episode since.

Bern said...

With dead rabbits, mousey carcasses and turd on the no time to do laundry, I would get a massive panic attack too!!
You have a lot going on.
My doctor told me to lay off caffeine, alcohol and my mom told me to eat bananas. I am better now but I am still taking meds.

Jessica said...

I'm gonna try to get off caffeine...oh, that's gonna be hard. I'll start on Monday.
And with the medication I can't drink...that will help too.

I just don't have as wonderful of a support system as I really should have. My mom is a state away, though, she would be here in two seconds if I asked her to. I don't have any family anywhere near where I live, except in-laws, who as you have read, are awesome. It's the in-home stability that I am lacking.
You dig?

Andrea said...

Poor Jessey! I am sorry. That must have been really scary. It sounds like if you've been on meds before they have the right dosage. I just remember being medicated after Drew was born and they couldn't get the dosage right and it was like I was asleep on my feet. I'll be your support system! You can call or email me anytime. Love you!

Jessica said...

I just started to freak out a little bit and had to take a lorazepam, which is like valium I guess, and I do feel groggy.

I love you too Dre. I called my dog a jerkspice the other day, and thought of you!

Bern said...

I totally understand what you mean. My family is 10,264 miles away, and I was quite a wreck atfirst being so far away from familiarity and starting from scratch. Thank God for awesome in-laws!

Blogging helps and blog buddies can be your support system.

Tried yoga yet?
Oh, and Chamomile tea is said to help you relax (less caffeine too)

Jessica said...

I was thinking about doing some yoga or something like that. I definitely need to get this handled. I've had the same panic attack feeling every morning since Friday morning - which would be yesterday and today.
Both times I took a lorazepam to relax, and they work, but they make me kinda lOOOOOPy. Not good for driving, or tending to children, etc etc.
So I've definitely got to transition to a more effective long-term non-medicinal fix for the anxiety. I think once the effexor starts getting effective that will be good. Lexapro, which they had me on last summer, just seemed to make it worse. Of course, I had a LOT going on last summer.