Friday, March 16, 2007

Day off!

Finally! A day off!
I feel like I've been working like a dog. I like my job and all, but jeez! I'm so behind in laundry and housecleaning, it's ridiculous.
As soon as Dylan goes down for a nap....which should be very sooooon based on his current state of crankiness....I am hitting the laundry, and how.

Of course, it's not EASY keeping the house clean when the dog poops a huge monster turd on the rug and then drags a dead rabbit carcass halfway through the pet door.

So gross.

When I poked the dead rabbit back outside with a stick, he went and chewed off just a foot and brought THAT inside. Then I chased him around for awhile before he finally dropped it and ran outside, sans rabbit foot.

So, now I have a half chewed rabbit foot in my garbage can and lemme tell you, it doesn't make me feel lucky.

Here are some bonus pix of the dead things....

Elizabeth's new bike

Dylan and Elizabeth enjoy a warm morning

Dylan, caught with a baby doll!

Dylan lays on Sawyer

And here's Sawyer, killing Dylan's foot

Taking a break from killing

And mmmmmm, the taste of death!

And here's the dead thing....


Staci said...

OMGGGG HAHAHAHA You dont know me, I found your blog through Elizabeths. I had to tell you I am cracking up at this post. I would have thought my day was bad at the monster turd. At least you know he loves you enough to bring you dead things. My dog just rolls in them.

Jessica said...

Well, I did commission a dog turd removal service from my husband. The cost was...well...I had enough to give, let's just say...

But yeah, the massive dead rabbit, that was all me.

It got even better after the post above...

eaf said...

The dead rabbit (if that's really what it is) picture was low. I only forgive you because you had such a crappy day.

I really am sorry about the medical issues. Once again, proof that being a mommy is a really hard job.

Jessica said...

Dead jackrabbit to be precise.
I got an expert opinion after I shoveled the remains into the burn barrel.
Ah, country living!