Friday, March 30, 2007


***Be forewarned***

***What follows is a boring post about my job and how nuts it is at times***

Yesterday I worked nine hours. I was tasked with staging the entire paper for upload this morning. That's a lot of work, including Photoshopping all the photos that ran in the paper AND all the other photos that we run as Web exclusives.
I also had to pick up the kids no later than 6 p.m. because that's when the daycare starts charging per minute and gets ready to call the cops to report that you've abandoned your babies...
Since the sports section comes in the day before, I had that done before 10 a.m., nice.
I started the regular sections around 1 p.m. (when editorial finally starting giving up some content).
I had all the photos done by 2:15, and started on loading the text. I had many boring technical issues including the loss of the ability to select text with my mouse...very bad when working with copious amounts of HTML code, including manually inserting all non-breaking spaces and line breaks into ridiculously long articles about ridiculously boring meetings....but, I digress...
By 5:15, I was 95 percent done, panicked and out the door to get the kids. Luckily, my boss was there to finish the last 5 percent.
That didn't help my stress though.
I called her on the way out of town to remind her of what exactly was left and told her to call me later that night to make sure everything was OK. She, to her credit, did NOT call me last night. Bless her heart...

On the way to pick up the kids I called Bob and told him that from here forward and forevermore he would have to get the kids on Thursdays, that is, if he wanted me to have any semblance of sanity on that particular evening.
He agreed that he would like that and he could pick up the children on Thursdays.
Yee haw!!

I came home, had three glasses of wine and some pizza that Bob made for dinner.
I slept great.

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