Sunday, April 01, 2007


Saturday morning was the Easter Egg hunt in town. We took the kids even though we're doing our OWN hunt next weekend.
Their cousins came too, they all "hunted" for eggs, got candy, saw ponies, it was fun.

After the hunt, they had a big raffle with tons of prizes for each age group, starting at 2 and under and going to 8-10 years old. In our little group, we had a baby, a two year old, a three year old and an eight year we were settled in on the field for a loooooong raffle.

It was nice and sunny, we were all chatting and suddenly I realized, we were missing a kid. Dylan!

Oh my goodness, he was just GONE! Poof! Vanished. My heart started pounding like crazy mad.

I thought Bobby was going to cry. He started running around looking for him. I left Elizabeth with my friend and started walking toward the stage looking for him. I didn't see him anywhere!
Surely a little boy couldn't get TOO far!!

And then just as suddenly as he disappeared, he reappeared...way down in front of the stage, sitting in the middle of someone else's family, begging for candy.

First I thought, oh THANK GOD!
Then I thought, why didn't this family think, hey, this kid isn't OUR kid, maybe he should not be here!
Anyway...we found him and he wasn't mutilated or anything, so we were ecstatic.

But none of our kids won anything in the raffle. Poo.

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eaf said...

This is almost my worst nightmare... except in my worst nightmare, the other family keeps the kid.