Thursday, May 03, 2007

Here we go....

I went to my doctor yesterday because he wanted to check me for diaetes. Good news, I don't have it. Bad news, I juuuuuuuuust barely don't have it. Shit!

He wants me to lose 10-15 pounds in the next three months and then get my glucose checked again.

I'm going for the whole 30 pounds.
I'm doing the EXTREME Fat Smash Diet (as seen on Celebrity Fit Club).

Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

My sister does the fat smash! She did it right before our trip to Italy so she could indulge in cannolies. She just e-mailed me all about phase 1. I don't know if it helps her lose weight, but she said it makes her very regular.

Jessica said...

I'm really hoping it works. the EXTREME is tons of exercise and salad.
So, something's gotta give, right?

Maribeth said...

I know exactly what you're going through. I heard the same thing about a year ago. I was prescribed to go on the South Beach Diet and I lost weight. Good Luck!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think I will start it after our trip to Seattle, only because hubby is going out of town for three days afterward. I don't think he will want to eat vegetables and rice only, and I do't have enough time after the gym to be making us two meals.

Jessica said...

I can't even eat rice or potatoes or bread, at all.
At least not white rice or bread.
After I heard the news from my doctor I cried, I was very scared and upset. So I'm getting super serious with this. Two a day workouts every day, regardless.
Gotta get it done.