Sunday, July 15, 2007

Three things....

Amy's post about hard and soft peaches (it's a must read) inspired me to share this one short story about my husband and his ineptitude when it comes to the grocery store.

Two days ago I called him at work and asked him to stop and pick up THREE things from the market on his way home.

Here's how it went:

Bob: What do you need from the store?
Me: Milk. Oh, and salt.
Bob: Milk and salt. Ok, got it.
Me: Oh, and carrots.
Bob: You're gonna have to text me a list.
Me: That's it. That's the list. Milk, salt and carrots.
Bob: Yeah, just text me. I can't remember all that.
Me: Seriously.
Bob: Yeah. Text me. I'll forget.


eaf said...

See, you'd have to text me the list too. I can't even remember two things... even if I was the one who originally determined we needed said items.

Oh, the number of times I have forgotten to purchase toilet paper. It's terrible.

I blame Diet Coke. Nutrasweet ate all my brain cells.

Anonymous said...

I love men.

Chris said...

I managed to remember everything this morning: diapers, wipes, both children, food and drink for said children, spare clothing for the kids, the hard drive I brought back from NJ, the MSDN kit, and all of my receipts for my expense report all with Marcus screaming in my ear the whole way. Not bad, all things considered.

Jessica said...

Chris, you are a shining example of organization. An extraordinary specimen of the male gender.
Happy now? Show off. :)

I forget stuff at the store all the time, but I can usually muster up the brain power to handle three things.

Though, I DO always worry that I have left a child somewhere, even when I can hear them both screaming in the backseat. I will turn around and check.
One. Two.
All in.

eaf said...

Um... not to burst the "Chris is Great" bubble, or anything, but I actually set the diapers out for him before I left, along with the check for daycare. And no wipes were actually needed... yet for some reason, not only did he just have to take some anyway, he also felt the need to open the NEW box instead of grabbing some from the OPEN box. I also reminded him of where he could find the clothes the kids needed before I left.

So... um... WAY TO GO, hon! You ROCK!

Jessica said...

At least he's trying!
I got my husband to change a diaper (cloth no less) the other day....
When Dylan woke up he was nekkid and covered in pee....
So yeah, I'll be doing the diapers from now on! ANd the pee laundry.

Chris said...

Well, to strike back at the wife who is trying to burst my bubble a bit... To be fair, it's easy to forget things when a child is screaming in your ear and the other one is not listening. Also, all things being equal, I have more single parent on children time than she does, but that's only because her job has her working a week night and every third weekend. It's not like taking care of the kids and doing stuff like that is totally out of the ordinary or anything.

Jessica said...

Sounds like you live in MY kid screaming, the other ignoring me and making the other one scream...and they take turns at that!

Chris said...

Yeah, especially when the older one is blaming the younger one for all sorts of trouble. I'm trying to discourage the tattling thing. *sigh*