Sunday, July 15, 2007

Holy Yowza! Where have I been?

Ten days AWOL!
That's just not right!

I wish I had any news of anything interesting going on here, but it's really just hot and I'm very tired of summer.

This weekend the kids and I are taking a trip to SoCal to visit with my mom and brother. We'll be there probably three weeks so if anyone is in the area drop me a line and we'll hang!
To those of you who were reading last summer: yes, I'm sort of nervous about being gone that long but if anything happens, well, eh. Hmmm.
It would not be good.

But, I don't anticipate any problems.
I am however getting worried about driving nine hours with two crazy children.
Any travel advice?


Anonymous said...

Leave in the middle of night while they're asleep?

Jessica said...

That was one of my plans....leave at like 4 am, having kept them up late the night before....
It could work.

susie said...

just bring a couple newish toys and LOTS of snacks. We do the road trip thing a lot and it keeps them busy if they have food and stuffs LOL

Jessica said...

I'm definitely bringing their new I-Spy bag and I'm gonna juice up all their gadgets and gizmos...
Hopefully it won't drive ME crazy!