Sunday, September 02, 2007

Head injuries, birthdays and homemade salsa

The morning of my birthday eve, Dylan smashed his head into the door frame of Elizabeth's bedroom (we have not ruled out sabotage) and gave himself a wonderful goose-egg and bruise. Very attractive...
I soothed his pain with a piece of homemade zucchini bread made from zucchinis from our garden. Worked like a charm.

That night we BBQed some very excellent hamburgers from Wal-Mart in the backyard...oh wait...

Ok, let me define backyard before I go much further. Our "backyard" is actually a tiny little partially fenced off portion of our property that abuts the house on the away from the road side and contains a swingset and some toys and a bulb garden.
Make sense?
We also have a little wooden table out there and some plastic porch chairs and the kids Dora outdoor table and chair set. Oh, and my very tacky clothesline.
The ground, unfortunately, will not grow grass because of the abundance of trees(though we are going to experiment next spring with bird seed as grass seed) and used to be used as a parking area despite the pine trees in the way, so it's all gravelly with cinders.
OH and there's a giant ditch running through part of the area like the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, a byproduct of living at the bottom of a giant hill...rain runoff...good times!

Now that you've got the whole picture...
We're out there BBQing and the kids are playing on their swings and with their dirt toys and all of a sudden BLAMMO!
Elizabeth whacked into Dylan's FACE with the glider swing sending him flying back about two feet.
He's laying there doing that "my mouth is open but I make no sound" cry and Bob runs over, scoops him up and immediately starts freaking out that Dylan needs to go to the hospital....he's an overreactor...just a bit.

I get Dylan and he just wants to snuggle and not show me his injuries, which I eventually did see...
A big scrape in his hairline, about the size of a flattened out novelty penny and another nice gash on his chin. He also has another bump on the BACK of his head, where he made contact with the cinders.

He actually cried more during the cleaning portion of the injuries than the actual becoming injured portion of the injuries.
Tough kid.
Despite Bob's fears, he made it through with no concussion and no spurting arterial blood fountains. Though this time the pain did require something stronger than homemade bread. He got herbal Nerve Tonic to chill out a bit.

Last night for the official birthday meal we grilled steaks and had fried onions and mushrooms over those, with corn on the cob on the side. I fully intended to make a salad, but we had filled up before the meal on homemade (and homegrown) fried zucchini coins (like the ones at Carl's Jr but tastier). Also I had brie and bread while Bob went shopping for my birthday present - a new jewelry box!

After dinner, Bob and Elizabeth had Birthday Cake flavor ice cream and I indulged in a friggin delicious Mascarpone Cheesecake with berries on top...yummmmmmmmmmmy and some Pepperwood Pinot Noir.

This morning, somehow, I got nominated to make breakfast, so I made home-fried potatoes, sausage links and scrambled eggs.
Bob immediately complained that there was no salsa for his eggs, so I threw together homemade salsa with tomatoes and cilantro from our garden and store-bought onions.
So easy.
He ~claims~ that he still wants me to buy Pace Picante sauce...I think I can trick him if I can just get a Pace jar. :)

This post was ALL about food! I just ate, but I made myself hungry again!

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eaf said...

Aside from the injuries and your husband complaining that you make salsa from scratch ON DEMAND, that sounds like an awesome birthday. Cooking, eating, and a good Pinot Noir... sounds heavenly.