Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sugar Bandit

Three out of the last four days I have found Dylan sprinkling sugar on, well, everything.
Carpet? Sugared. Couch? Sugared! Toy push mower? Sugared as well.
If the cats would sit still long enough, I'm positive they'd be sweet and sticky too. Actually, I know Dylan TRIED to sugar at least two of the three cats, but they got away.
This is really all my fault.

Ah crap...make that four out of the last four days....he's at it again...
At least now I have pictures of the Sugar Bandit!

Ok, see, it's my fault because when we first moved into this house three years ago, I just stuck everything willy nilly in the kitchen cabinets. Elizabeth was still a baby and not mobile enough to be able to get into anything. How spoiled was I???
So, instead of being smart and thinking ahead to the inquisitive toddler years, I stuck all the baking supplies in the very BOTTOM of the pantry cabinet.
Big mistake. A mistake which I perpetuate by not moving the stuff now, even though I know the temptation it poses being at kid level.

I mean, the kids have pretty much unfettered access to powdered sugar, Jello mix, chocolate chips, a giant bucket of sugar, a giant bucket of flour, pudding mix, etc etc and on and on....My security system? An old hair band wrapped around the cabinet knobs. Very secure.

Maybe someday I'll get around to a major reorganization, someday. But for now, I'll just keep vacuuming up the little piles of sugar from all over the house.

Ah crap! Now he's rinsing off his sugar hands in the toilet!


Anne Marie said...

Jessey- This is too funny- and frustrating at the same time! We have a similar set up with our kitchen pantry... as the kids get taller I find more and more snacks and goodies sprinkled throughout the house. I keep moving the canned goods lower and the fruit snacks and cereals higher out of reach. I love your hair band lock-out system!

Jessica said...

Oh yeah it's a never-ending battle. I have a little basket of fruit snacks and granola bars in the middle cabinet. Totally accessible by both children now. I have found so many squished up granola bars or tore open fruit snack packages it's not even funny.
PLUS though the hair band system is "foolproof," unfortunately, my kids are not fools and they have figured out how to get around it! evil geniuses! ;)
AND Elizabeth is totally not above helping her brother, and helping herself, and then putting the blame on Dylan after the shenanigans are discovered.

First most popular phrase in our house: "Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Spongebob Squarepants!!!"

Second most popular phrase: "Dylan did it!"

eaf said...

Dude! That is some serious sugar.

Marcus is a total angel. He actually points to a child lock that I've left undone so I can fix it. Athena, not so much.

However, I am very lucky to have a closet pantry. We just put one of those child-proof knob covers on it and POOF! No Raiders.

Although Athena is just a hair away from figuring out those door knob covers. And then a world of chocolate, snacks, pop tarts, and fruit cups (not to mention sugar, flour, pasta and other assorted messy things) will be opened wide for her pleasure.

Jessica said...

I think Marcus is just lulling you into a false sense of security...then the one day you forget the fruit snack lock...blammo! He eats 14 packs of fruit snacks in 30 seconds flat and then poops green for four days.
(yes, excessive fruit snack consumption leads to green poo)
We have a little pantry cabinet in our laundry room that is WAY underutilized as a food pantry. It may be time to reorganize!

Andrea said...

I too use the almost impossible to penetrate rubberband lock out system, but on my bookshelf. So I've got books strewn all over the house, but the snacks are secure. Amazing that you caught the sugar bandit in action!

Jessica said...

It really was remarkable.
He's the loudest kid usually, but quiet as a mouse when stealing sugar and other nefarious things!