Monday, October 01, 2007

Britney Loses the Babies

Spears ordered to give kids to Federline
Is this good? Is this bad? Is this the lesser of two evils? I have no idea.
I hope Britney can finally pull it together for the sake of those kids. Poor babies.

And in less straightforwardly sad news...Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon (of One Night In Paris fame) are apparently getting married.....
I can't WAIT for THAT sex tape!
Oh wait, two 40 year old washed up has-been amateur porn stars going at it...yeah, I CAN wait for that. I could wait a really really long time. Like forever.


Maribeth said...

I thought I should check your blog as soon as I heard the Britney news. My husband and I were chatting about it and I actually do feel bad for her. I think she never had that rebellious time in her life (got knocked up) that most of us enjoy during college. However, I hope by losing the kids will get her ass in gear.

Jessica said...

Ah, Maribeth, you know me so well!
As soon as I saw the news I turned on the Internet and CNN Larry King Live and soaked up all the details so I would be fully informed on the important current events. Mahmoud Ahmedine-what now?
Anyway...on LKL the TMZ guy said that "sources" in Los Angeles reported that Britney turned the kids over to a K-Fed bodyguard as early as noon Monday, two full days before she was required to.
I'm SERIOUSLY worried about that girl.

Andrea said...

That's funny, I did the same thing as Maribeth. Checked over here as soon as I heard the news. Poor Britney. I think it's for the best (maybe?) but I think she really might lose it now.

Jessica said...

Agreed Andrea, I think this will be the tipping point, either way...she's either going to finally pull it together or go completely and totally batshit.
Early reports point to batshit crazy, since she was out partying last night at the Peninsula Hotel instead of staying home, being introspective and weeping. That's exactly what I would do if the court took my kids away. Weep.

Anonymous said...

Well some of the crap they talk about the court making them do is un-important. Like that parenting without conflict class. . .I think most courts have some similar class they make parents divorcing take. I know they do up here. They report on it as though it's saying something about Brit & K-Fed, but it says nothing.

Losing physical custody, though, that's saying something.

Jessica said...

They have that parenting class here in our county too. I know people who have done it and it's basically a communication workshop, how to talk to your ex without expletives...and the like.
But yeah, taking the kids...bad. The judge basically said "Britney Spears, you are a drunk, drug using, unfit mother and you should not raise your own children."
Not good PR.