Monday, October 01, 2007

No big boys in my house!!!!!!

I guess Dylan thinks that because he has a new big boy haircut that he is actually a big boy.
Today would have been Day 3 in Dylan's ongoing Anti-Nap Campaign...but too bad for Dylan I am able to lift him into the crib and he is sadly unable to get himself back OUT unassisted.
So about 20 minutes ago that's exactly what happened. Dylan went into the crib, kicking and screaming and yelling "No no no no no no no!" and then I ran away...far far away.
Five minutes of what I think was Dylan kicking the wall later and he fell asleep.
Even the mightiest of opponents can be felled by nice warm soft blankets and sheer utter exhaustion.
This Anti-Nap revolution cannot be allowed to continue. It just won't work for me, personally, as a person who needs to not have a little screaming demon begging me for fruit snacks and cookies every second of every day.
He's not that bad...
He just really MUST take a nap.
It is imperative. <= Did you see that Eleeza?


Anonymous said...

One day when you are old and feeble, he is going to lift you into your bed and not let you out.

Jessica said...

As long as he puts a TV in my room, it's all good.