Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Don't Forget to Vote!!!

Look up!!
Click that banner and vote for Amy's recipe! If you have an email address, you can place a vote! Vote every day until Friday!!!


Anonymous said...

I am so lame! My husband has all his friends and family voting, my mom and aunt sent it to their friends, people at my work are voting. And online voting only counts for 15%! But thanks for the pimping.

Jessica said...

Hey, 15 percent is still a lot!!
You are not lame!
If you win, we will all be so happy!!

Anonymous said...

My husband's friends are threatening to turn me in b/c I'm not Jewish. One said he wouldn't tell if I split the prize with him. I told him, "I've seen your kitchen, you don't need shiny new appliances!"