Saturday, October 13, 2007

This is crap!

I've got a job working at the "Megalomart" in the automotive department. First let me say, it is not MY fault that the mechanics took three hours to change your oil. And weren't you tipped off that it was going to be a loooooong wait when you parked your car 10th in line for the service? Hmmmm? If not, you're an idiot.
Secondly, let me say that as the stupid temperatures start to dip lower and lower, yes we are going to run out of antifreeze and seeing as how I am on the absolute bottom rung in this department, no I don't know WHEN we are getting any more. PS there are other stores in this town!!
I actually had a guy ask me if we carried some crazy XYZ part for his specific car. I said, no sorry we don't carry those. And THIS DOUCHE says "Well, your competition will be very happy to hear that."
Uh, OK. Whatever, have a nice day.

Also, to you lazy ass bitches who bring over a full friggin cart of groceries for ME to check out at my tiny little counter with no rotating bag dispenser, just bags hanging off a hook on the counter AND no belt and no slide by booper, just a hand fucking suck! Don't you notice the line of angry tire and lube customers cussing ME out now under their breath because I didn't (and can't) tell you to get bent.
I don't mind if you come over and pay for your oil change/tire rotation and a couple things you browsed for while waiting the 15 hours that took, but seriously, a whole cart full of groceries??? Do you hate me? And no, we can't check out weighable produce. I'm going to have to confiscate those apples. <= This has actually happened.

Luckily I got my schedule changed so I don't have to hang around there ALONE during the weeknights I work until 10 or midnight. I now only work until 8 pm. Which is much better. I can almost get home and catch the end of Heroes and House. My two favorite shows which I will now miss indefinitely. And no, I don't have TIVO and I've long since forgotten how a VCR works. Gah!

Today I work from 11 am until 8 pm. Blech. Eight hours on my fat preggo feet getting yelled at by shmucks who are too lazy? too cheap? too stupid? to go to Jiffy Lube where the same crap is cheaper and faster. Dumb.
At least they play movies in the lounge.
Yesterday it was Surfs Up, again. Before that it was Fantastic Four: Something about the Silver Surfer but mostly about Jessica Alba's breasts. I was unimpressed, being as I am not a lesbian.

But most disturbing of all is that I actually have to work on Halloween night, meaning I will miss Trick or Treating with my babies. Yes, I only have to work until 8 pm, so I guess I could meet up with Bob and the kiddos somewhere in town, but still!!
This is crap!


Anonymous said...

Oh, sucky! Can't you just call in pregnant on halloween? I must say, when our local megolomart opened, we were impressed to see the rotating baggie cart. Not impressed enough to go back, sut impressed. Isee now why you were referring to Sruf's Up and me and my fake son waiting in an auto department.

Oh, and you have to put booper back in your labels. Long long ago you put it on an Elizabeth post, and I've always wondered when booper was going to come up again.

Jessica said...

I do love the booper label...
Last night my brother in law and SIL and nephew came in to harass me lovingly while I was stocking oil. My BIL said "Hello there Mrs. Booper!"

Anonymous said...

Ha, Mrs. Booper!

Jessica said...

I should legally change my name to that. No first name at all, just Mrs. Booper.

eaf said...

I was thrilled to see Booper in another post. You will have to work it in whenever possible. I use it at the library all the time... "Yes, the boopers on the self-checks don't always work properly. Sorry about that."

Jessica said...

Love it!
I'm changing the world! One silly word at a time!

Jessica said...

Love it! Booper! I'm going to start saying it. :)

pstvnrgy said...

Dude, you worked at Walmart?!?! That... is AWESOME!