Tuesday, November 20, 2007

MIC? Not for me!

One mom's fruitless quest to boycott China

I'm trying to cut out the Made in China products from our Christmas list and from our playroom. With all the recalls of lead coated toys, date rape drugs in the Aquadots and all that, I'm scared.

I've gone through the kids' toys and thrown out a bunch of MIC toys and broken toys and toys from McDonalds.
Two garbage bags worth!
The kids didn't even notice that much was gone!
They must have really loved those toys. :)
Luckily for me I can make the kids some toys with yarn and I buy some handmade toys from the vendors at HyenaCart.
But I've been finding that there's not much out there at the regular stores that isn't MIC.

However, I think this article is misleading. This reporter claims to be vigilant about MIC but then "accidentally" buys socks, sheets and a camera that are all made in China. How can that be?
I check everything and I'm not trying to be anti-MIC for a big public news article.

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debdills said...

it's cos she's an internet shopper and isn't going to inconvenience herself enough to stop shopping on websites.....
she's only anti MIC for things she picks up in the store....
hypocrite? perhaps. as the book author said, it's a hard thing to do.... buck up, buttercup!