Thursday, November 01, 2007

My car decorated itself for Halloween

The day before Halloween, I took the kids into town to the post office to mail packages. As we were getting back into the car, I saw a big black spider walking on the passenger seat. I tried to whack it with a magazine, but it ran away.
I was freaked!
I still had to take the kids to the grocery store and then head home (10 mile drive out of town)! I called Bob and he said, "Well, don't drive the car!" I reminded him that I was ALREADY driving. He said it would probably be fine and it probably wasn't a big spider, that I was exaggerating the largeness of the spider.
Uh, no!

The whole way Elizabeth played Dora...
"If I see the big spider, I'll say SPIDER!"

Once I got home, I got the kids out of the car ASAP and took the groceries in, and never went back to the car, or even near the car, all day.

At this point, Bob was skeptical that there was even a spider there, he thinks I'm hallucinatory or something, but he agreed to check the car before we left to go Trick or Treating in town on Halloween. Mostly because I was NOT getting into the car and sitting in the passenger seat when I knew very well that there was a giant freaking spider in there somewhere!

"Jessica!!!" he hollered from the driveway. "I need your help!!!"
That is never a good sign.

Then he ran inside frantically looking for something to kill the spider. See, there WAS a spider!

"It's a black widow and a web and a nest!" he said, as he hurriedly walked past me toting a bottle of Lime-Away out to the car.

The kids and I stayed out of his way as he obliterated the burgeoning black widow colony that had been festering in my car for who knows how long.
Now I want to bug bomb my whole vehicle. Or burn it.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god you're not dead. Both before and after the spider.

Jessica said...

I was scared that one of the kids would get bit. I still am afraid of the car!

Andrea said...

That is totally scary! A nest?! That is not good!

eaf said...

Dude. I am totally freaked out right now. Yipes.

Anne Marie said...

Yikes! I'm glad you guys got the BW and her nest. They love us, too- this summer one planted herself right in the corner near our front door- and she put her nest there, as well. I was so worried there would be BW's running all over our front porch and would get the kids- so I grabbed some RAID and sprayed it- then blasted that one spot on our porch with a pressure washer for like 10 minutes. She was gone and no spider has planted herself there since. So before you burn you car- just blast it with a pressure washer- it's totally fulfilling!

Jessica said...

I can't blast the INSIDE with a pressure washer!!!! Can I??