Thursday, November 01, 2007

Here's the Halloweenies

Here's all the celebrants from our Halloween bash-o-rama!

Elizabeth is a Raiders cheerleader!

Dylan would not pose alone, but here he is with my friend Lia. He is reaching out for the candy bowl.

Elizabeth, Lia's girl Ani (a princess) and Dylan in the way back

Elizabeth ready to carve pumpkins

Dylan with the finished results!

Elizabeth designs her happy faced pumpkin

Dylan looks like he wants to nibble that pumpkin!

Bob demonstrates proper carving technique.


Anne Marie said...

Yay, Elizabeth! We are glad to see you representing the Raiders ;). Kylee originally wanted to be a Raiderette when we were watching the Raiders' season opener- but that switched to High School Musical cheerleader. So cool that our girls both chose cheerleaders this halloween!

Jessica said...

This was a subject of much controversy at our house. Elizabeth had originally decided to be a turtle, because we got a hand-me-down turtle costume that was frankly ugly and too small for her.
It took WEEKS of convincing to get her to change her mind. Then my sister in law sent her this Raiderette costume from the Raider store in Vacaville/Fairfield (yay!) and the decision was made!
Dylan too had a costume switch at the last minute. He was scheduled to appear as a pirate, but I couldn't get my act, er, the costume together, so he went as camo hunter man instead.
He was not alone trick or treating as clearly many kids just put on their hunting stuff and smeared camo paint on their faces and set out for candy. I saw at least 8 other hunters!
And maybe 10 spidermans, 15 princesses of varying heights, many monsters, ghosts and goblins, three escaped convicts, a couple baby animals and two peapods!

Andrea said...

Very cute pictures! Looks like you guys had fun. I especially like the picture of Bob sawing the pumpkin.