Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Devil is an open tin can

I went in the morning to the post office to mail out some packages for work.
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It was miserable and cold, so the kids and I came right back home instead of running any other errands.
We had lunch and watched cartoons. Colored pictures of monsters and tried to clean the house a bit.
In the afternoon after Dylan went down for a nap I decided to make Tuna Artichoke Salad, which is fabulous and tasty.
It involves opening three cans.
Tuna. Artichoke Hearts. Sliced Black Olives.
I opened all those cans and put the contents in a bowl. I put the cans into the trash.
Then I noticed the trash was getting quite full so I went to push it down.
What a mistake.
In the action of pushing, one of those can lids caught my left index finger, slicing it about 1/4 of an inch deep and an inch long.
Blood. Everywhere.
I wrapped my finger in a paper towel and secured it with a ponytail holder (very professional first aid).
I called my husband, who was almost 60 miles away working. He was unhelpful and unable to come help!
Then I called my brother in law who was working in town. He offered to meet me at the urgent care to watch the kids while I got stitched.
Bless his heart, right?
I had to wake up Dylan, dress him and get us all out into the car with a bloody mitt. Not fun.
I drove the 12 miles into town with my hand resting up on the car window, a weak attempt at "icing" my wound.
We got to urgent care and my brother in law was already there. He brought the kids into the clinic and waited with me. When I got called back to a room, he took them to Dairy Queen. So nice.
I ended up with about a jillion shots of lidocaine (very painful) to numb my finger, five stitches and a tetanus shot (also very painful).
My arm is still sore from the tetanus. My finger is healing but so tender that I can't work at all. No crocheting for me for another week. Whah!
Dylan keeps squeezing my injury because he is intrigued by the stitches. It is all I can do not to punch him right in the face everytime he does that. It hurts like a MOTHER!!
"The Injury" has already gotten me out of bathing the children and moving wet laundry from the washer to the dryer. But only once.
I have had to build a fire and wash dishes and change wet diapers all on my own. All very hard with one hand.
I am building my character with every one armed task I complete.
Sleeping is super hard. I usually put my left hand under my pillow. Can't do it. It's making me crazy.
Don't even ask about shampooing.

I did end up completing that Tuna Artichoke Salad after I got back from urgent care.
It was delicious, but not entirely worth it.
Cest la vie.


eaf said...

My finger hurts.

I have one of those can openers that cuts off the WHOLE top of the can, leaving no sharp edges. I think I'll send you one for Christmas...

Chris said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, and if Elizabeth forgets, I'll send you one. I sliced my finger on the food processor blade on Tuesday making David his favorite stupid shrimp burgers, but luckily it was not deep so no shots for me.

Jessica said...

It's four days later and my finger STILL hurts like a mofo.
Everyone I told in person shuddered and winced in pain as if THEY were just injured by my words. That's empathy!

You gals are so sweet! I've seen those fancy can opener doohickies, but never understood the value of them...
I do now.

Smitty76 said...

Ouch! That sounds painful! And ewwww...blood everywhere...

Andrea said...