Monday, December 10, 2007

Snow...and other stuff

And, conversely, ah crap!

It's snowing!
I woke up this morning to about two inches of snow on the ground and it's still coming steadily.
The children, in their infinite wisdom, decided they needed to test the temperature of the snow by running out onto the front deck shoeless. It's 30 degrees outside.
Dylan's feet were as red as Rudolph's nose when he was done.
But, they had fun!

Of course, the snow falling means it is the first official Take the Kids Out in the Snow Day!
I'll spend the rest of the morning convincing them to wait until there is more snow. Simultaneously, I will collect all their snow gear and get it ready for them to hop into once I get up the nerve to take them outside in the freezing cold. Maybe after lunch.

This also means I will have to find my thermal pants. I do not HAVE snow pants. I wear thermals under jeans under my HBC breakaway pants. Yep.
Gotta love it!
The kids have full snow outfits, bib pants, snow jackets, boots, and all the handmade hats, scarves and mittens they can stand. And thermals! They are almost warmer outside than they are inside.
Elizabeth in snow gear looks like that kid from A Christmas Story "I can't put my arms down!"

Bob went to work today and there was already a rollover/slide off the road/We're from Phoenix and don't understand snow driving accident.
This is the first day of substantial snow.
First. Day.
I am not leaving the house for four days. I hate driving in the snow, I am not good at it. I decline.
Last winter, you may recall, I drove off an icy road into a ditch with the children in the vehicle. I could not get OUT of the ditch. My car had to be PULLED from the ditch.
Yeah. We're staying home.

Yesterday, apparently out of concern that we might be starving, the kitties killed a squirrel and brought the carcass inside.
They even had the good manners to serve it to us in the dining room.

Also, last night the belly baby aka NuBabee was swirling around in my belly like crazy.
It was at the same time cool and nauseating, as I'm sure all my mom-readers can attest.

I did a Chinese birth chart today for NuBabee. First I checked the reliability by matching my other two kids to it.
It correctly determined that Elizabeth was a girl and Dylan was a boy. It does this by matching the age of the mother at the time of conception with the month of conception.
According to this chart, I will have another boy in May. We'll see!
Check your kids and post the accuracy!
Chinese Gender Chart

Off to find my thermals. Whoooo!


Maribeth said...

I did it... it says I will have a boy (and the stats say F 50% / M 50% so who knows). I checked Ryleigh and it was also a boy with the 50/50... so I guess for me it is up in the air! Thanks for sharing. It was fun.

Meredith said...

Sorry, this was wrong and said Brendan should be a girl. Oops! Stay home - driving in snow is not fun, but also staying in with kids for 4 days may drive you crazy. It's a toss-up.

eaf said...

This indicates both my kids should be girls. So 50% accuracy overall.

Chris said...

Which is to say, not at all accurate.

Andrea said...

50% accurate for me too. It said both kids should be girls...

Andrea said...
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Jessica said...

Of course there's a built in safety measure which says that the mother's age is calculated by the Chinese calendar and so is the month of conception. Blah!