Sunday, December 30, 2007

Pick this!

I've refrained from posting about our football picks groups all season for fear of jinxing myself. It's still not technically safe, but I can't wait any longer!
I AM KICKING ASS!! More importantly, I am kicking my husband's ass, which is really all the Christmas gift I need. Is that terrible? Probably!
In our blogfriends and family group, which is myself, Bob, Chris from Solipsistic, Amy from Occhio Grosso and my mom (who picks based on what cities she's visited and which team has a cuter QB).
The last few weeks Chris has started edging up on my lead and as of RIGHT NOW I am only ahead by TWO points with just seven games left in the season...Oooooh. It's getting feisty!

In our college friends group, I am running a close second behind someone who I'm not even sure I know seeing as he or she has used a false name for their picks group! So rude!
I am only two points back with the same seven games. Almost all of the remaining games we have different picks, so I will either TOTALLY kick ass, or my ass will be kicked harshly.

My mom, bless her heart, ALWAYS picks the NY Giants to win. She did so this week even though they were playing the G.D. Patriots. For half the game last night, she had hope...but alas. The refs were paid handsomely, allegedly, as were the Giants players, allegedly, and though the "Jints" made a good showing, the Pats ended up winning 38-35, capping off the first perfect NFL season since 1972. Now shush '72 Dolphins players, shush already.
Here's to the Pats losing their first playoff game and going out unceremoniously. Booooo.
Sorry Mer.
And now that I've fully jinxed myself...I'll get back to the games now.


Meredith said...

Shame on you, Pats-Hater! May you fully be jinxed.

Love your face :)

Chris said...

You've done great all season. I think you have it wrapped up by now. I took some chances this week hoping to get lucky and bridge the gap, but it doesn't look like it'll work out.


Jessica said...

I am legally required as a Raider fan to hate the Patriots. Snow Bowl anyone? Tuck Rule? Yeah, it's all in the paperwork.

I haven't even checked the picks after the second round of games, but I totally played it safe this week. Picking all the favorites and surprisingly the Cardinals. Whoo hoo!

Amy said...

I'm glad my suckiness of this season helped you. I refuse to ever pick the Giants, because I think Eli's a pussy.