Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Blur

This last week has been a total blur of presents, wrapping paper and GOD THE COOKIES!!!

My mom came into town Saturday with her dog Maggie. The dog is at least 15 years old, so she's slow and low. That is her tempo. She mostly sleeps all day, but my kids adore her shaggy self, so that was an early Christmas present for them!
Sunday we spent ALL day making cookies. Sugar cookies, coconut macaroons, gingerbread cookies, cream cheese cookies...and on and was a Cookie Party! Without that Silverman chick.

Monday was even more cookies to make, and it being Christmas Eve, Bob took the kids to his dad's rural homestead in BFE nowheresville for a lovely Christmas Eve lunch and present opening. They ended up arriving back at home after 6 (well after darkness fell) so Mom and I enjoyed seven fun-filled hours of present wrapping, cookie making, dish cleaning and watching HGTV. Fun fun fun!!
My brother arrived Christmas Eve around 10 pm. The boy runs on his own clock, what can I say. His big adventure was clipping an elk's antler on the way up from Phoenix. In his ex-girlfriend's car! Good times!
Soon after he arrived, everyone went to sleep dreaming of sugar plums and Santa and wrapping paper and cookies...dear Lord! The COOKIES!!

Christmas Day we opened a slew of presents. The most puzzling of which was an Easy-Bake Oven for Elizabeth (she's not yet 4, the E-B O is for age 8+) from my FIL and his wife. Strange. Can I closet it for four years without incident. Perhaps.

I put a turkey in the oven and we awaited the remainder of our company (my BIL and his wife and child). Nice and low-key. While the turkey roasted, Dylan took a nap and Bob and my brother went up to the ski resort to snowboard. Bob used to be an instructor, Greg had never been before. It was about 10 degrees up there. Needless to say, they weren't gone long and it's about an hour drive to get there.
They claimed to have had fun, but we'll never really know!

Everyone else arrived around 3 pm. We opened another round of presents and watched holiday shows while we snacked on hors d'oeuvres (that's OR DERVES).
Then we broke for the evening around 7 pm. My brother left to go back to Phoenix around 6, just after the turkey feast-o-rama.

Since then it has just been hanging out at home, playing with the new toys and going to the grocery store. We're chilling.
There is football to be watched today (damn Patriots!) and a Prime Rib to be made for New Years Eve. Last night we had a big ol brown sugar glazed ham. I think I've gained three pounds in two weeks. Ugh.
At least I can blame it on the blossoming child.
This week is even more fun in store with Dylan's second birthday on Wednesday and my ultrasound appointment on Thursday.

I've just been handed a poopy diapered child, so I guess that's all the update you get for now.
Peace out. Peace on Earth.


eaf said...

I was wondering what had happened to you.

We too got an age-inappropriate gift. My sister-in-law sent us...

you're never going to believe this...


We will be regifting. We have to, really. It would be useless by the time Athena is 8. I just have to figure out who I hate so much that I would give it to them...

Oh, and I totally still intend to send you the can opener... I just can't bear the thought of the post office again yet. :-)

Jessica said...

I don't even think I KNOW any 8 year olds...let alone one who would want an Easy Bake Oven...
Actually. I might know one...hmmm...

I'd feel bad about sending away one of her gifts though.
Elizabeth also got a Barbie globe that tells you facts about places that you point to and plays trivia games etc etc...also way over her head right now.

Also under the tree was Playdough. It promptly was ground into the carpet. Ugh. I mean, Happy Holidays!!

Bubble gum making kit...oy...Not cool SIL. Not cool.

Anonymous said...

Hol on to the easy bake oven. My sister wanted one for YEARS and never did. My dad finally got her one when she was 22 or 23. he thought it was a joke and would go straight to goodwill. she kept it.

Jessica said...

I think we are going to end up keeping it after all. I mean, if our propane runs out we'll have to cook somehow!
If only it ran on batteries...we could take it camping and have molten hot lightbulb brownies around the campfire. Aaaah. Nature.