Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ultra fun!

My OB scheduled my ultrasound appointment for Jan. 4, which means that I should find out if we're having another boy or another girl in two weeks! Wheeee haw!

My mom, who was originally planning to head back home after the holidays on Jan. 3 now might stay here through to the 5th so she can find out with the rest of us. That and I need someone to watch the kiddos while I get the u/s. No kids in the room with you. Doctor's orders.

Topic now open for discussion and friendly wagers...
What do you think? Boy or girl?
NuElizabeth or NuDylan??


Maribeth said...

Oh fun! I am going with Boy... I am going with the gender chart's prediction. In all fairness, what has your pregnancy been like, more similar to E or D? I get asked that all the time since we didn't find out the sex...

Jessica said...

Hmmm. It's hard to say.
With Elizabeth I was very tired. But then again, we moved three times when I was pregnant with her!
Then with Dylan I was very sick in the beginning and had lots of B-H contractions, but, that was a stressful dad passed away, etc.

this time around, I am SOOOO tired. But then again, I have two crazy tornados in kid suits infesting my house.
And I was sick in the beginning, but not as bad as with Dylan. And I did get sick enough with Elizabeth that I had to switch lotions because the smell of the lotion made me gag.

I have no idea!
It's probably more like Elizabeth's gestation so far, since I'm tired all the time and not too sick. But I am also not starving hungry either and not getting too fat.
I've only gained five or six pounds so far and I'm already almost 19 weeks along. So halfway-ish.
I don't look pregnant, just fat.
But the baby's heartrate is good. AFP was good. So huzzah!

I think I will follow the highly scientific rationale of Miss Elizabeth Ardis and say I am 100 percent sure it is going to be a boy, or a girl.

Maribeth said...

Thanks for answering my question. I am sticking with boy as my final answer!

debdills said...

hrm... how's the shape of your tummy??? (as compared to the other two?)

and has anyone done the voodoo needle on thread baby-guessing trick? it's been strangely accurate in my family.

Jessica said...

I really tried to answer the question!!
If I had to guess right now, I'd say boy too. But I could be totally wrong. With E I wanted a boy, got a girl, with D I wanted a girl, got a boy. This time I kinda want a girl, so obviously, a boy in in there!

Debbie - I never take belly pics until I am clearly pregnant and not just fat. I just tried to take one and immediately erased it. Horrible.
My belly just looks kind of round-ish, and high. Carrying high. But I really don't think I look pregnant, just chunky.

AND PS DEBBIE: Noone is putting voodoo needles anywhere near me!!!

Andrea said...

I will have to reserve judgement until I see a belly pic. Ooh, or use this test...did you eat more meats or more sweets at conception? sweets=girl, meat=boy

Jessica said...

I don't remember eating any sweets OR meats at conception! Freaky deaky!

Andrea I've sent you a super secret belly pic. now guess away, troublemaker!

Maribeth said...

You did answer my question... did I come across sarcastic? Anyway, I am guessing boy b/c I have no clue. At least you will find out soon... I have to patiently wait till the baby is born and it's killing me.

Andrea said...

OK, after viewing the super secret belly pic, in which you look adorable and obviously pregnant-not fat-I would have to say GIRL!

Jessica said...

I guess I'm just so sarcastic, that I think everyone else is too.
Oh yeah, THAT'S it.

This is getting interesting. We've got two votes boy, one vote girl.

Anne Marie said...

Since Andrea got to see the super secret pic, and I totally trust her judgement, I'm going with GIRL, too!

debdills said...

you crack me up. not really voodoo, just, my grandmothers's voodoo. you dangle the needle in the thread.... up and down three times, then your magnetism is supposed to move it. (and tell you how many little ones you have).
straight = boy. circle = girl. i am to have a boy and then a girl. my sister is to have three girls.
after each child's sex is determined, you do the up down again, then see what the response is. once there is no movement, you know you won't have any more.... *totally* reliable. ;)

as for the baby pic, don't you have a boy if it's high??? i just asked the three ladies in my office, and they carried high when they had a boy. do you look preggo from behind?

(ah nuts! now the coworkers KNOW i'm not working today...)

Meredith said...

I have no other reason for my guesstimate except that I just think it is a boy. Everyone I know has boys, so I think you'll add another one to the crazy mix!

Jessica said...

Oh and Bob is one of five children, four of which are boys. There are seven grandchildren on his side, five of which are boys.
His dad is the only bio kid in his family. His adopted sister, which means nothing genetically but is still interesting, has five kids, all boys.
My mom is one of six kids, three boys. My dad is one of two kids, he's the only son. His sister had two boys, one girl. My girl cousin just had a baby girl over the summer.
Elizabeth was the first girl born into Bob's side of the family in six years.
My brother has no kids. :)
I have three cousins on my moms side two girls, one boy.
All my cats are boys.

Jessica said...

Here are some more vital (or not) bits of info which may help you guess (or not).

I do NOT look pregnant from the back.

My hair is growing faster.

I want to eat tons of cheese and meat.

My boobs are itchy (I have no idea if that is relevant at all)

I have to pee every half hour. No lie. Sometimes I pee and have to pee again 10 minutes later. Like just drank a Big Gulp have to pee but then it's like pouring out a shot glass amount.

I did the granny voodoo needle and it went side to side, I think.

I don't want orange juice.

eva said...

Based on all the relevant scientific data described above, I have come to the reasoned conclusion that it's a girl. Mostly because I like buying little baby dresses. So cute!