Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I'm illin'

Disclaimer: I'm fine, baby boy inside is fine. Everyone is fine.

I woke up yesterday with terrible stomach pains. The pain woke me up.
After three hours of that...and other unmentionable sickness...I was still unable to eat anything or drink anything.
I called my OB's office and they told me to go to the hospital's OB department for monitoring.
Bob was at work by then, so I had to call him home to watch the children.
Then I had to get dressed, go start the car (6 inches of snow all over it!) and find shoes. That was the hardest part. Finding a pair of shoes. Go figure.
When Bob got home he cleared all the snow off of my car and drove it out into the road (I am a horrible snow driver and got the car stuck in the driveway on a patch of slush).
Then I went to the hospital's OB department where they strapped me up to a monitor and tried very hard to find a vein for an IV.
Three nurses and four sticks later, I had an IV line. They took blood for tests and gave me 2 liters of IV fluids. I fell asleep on and off. I was exhausted.
My body was still doing the work of making another person, but without any fuel.
I lost three pounds yesterday. No lie. I weighed myself this morning.
Eventually I got to the point of starving and ice chips were not cutting it. They brought me soup and crackers. The soup made me want to puke. The crackers were bearable. So I ate four packets of saltine crackers yesterday. Total caloric intake: MAYBE 100 calories.
After that I got IV anti-nausea meds and the warning that I'd have to stay overnight if I didn't get better. I responded by falling asleep again.
I did start to feel less up-chuckish, and downed three 8oz cans of Shasta Ginger Ale, another 250 calories or so.
The baby monitor was showing no contractions and the baby's heartbeat was strong and fine. In fact, the kid was swimming around in there so much that it took the gal at least 15 minutes to find him, get him to hold still and get the heartbeat reading. All we could hear was swooshing and that was him flipping and diving and swirling around and doing whatever else babies do in there.
After seven hours of hospital hospitality they let me go home. I got home and immediately drank water. I am now freaked out of dehydrating again!
Then after two more ginger ales at home, I ate one delicious vanilla pudding cup.
Then my guts churned and I decided to stick with liquids like they told me to.
This morning my stomach is still tied in knots and every sip of water is making me gurgle and grumble.
I'm going to attempt soup later on today. I'm scared.
At least I'm home!


Adventures of Pixie said...

Oh my gosh! I hope you feel better! I worked in a maternity home for pregnant and parenting teens and their babies and just about every day one or another of them got dehydrated and suffered because of it. Not fun!

No matter how much it happens, I just can not get used to the idea that my peers (and 6th-grade co-horts) could already be having their third child. !!! I have none and you have three?? My best friend has two, and my other best friend and old roommate will have her third in April. I still feel like I'm about 18 except I just turned 30! Please even everything out and perhaps mail me a child or two.


Jessica said...

Believe me, there are days when I'd airmail the whole lot of kids to any takers!
If it makes you feel any better, I myself can't believe that I am having a third baby already!
I'm the only one of all my college friends to be on No. 3. Some have two, a few have one, some have none. But I'm the only three time mommy so far.
And I'm not 300 pounds because of it! Hurray!

Meredith said...

Hope you feel better! I also have been on the dehydrated-due-to-stomach-flu train. Not fun. Did they give you phenergen for anti-nausea? All that stuff did was make me want to sleep for days. Try to keep the fluids down and saltines are yum. I hate the sickies!

Jessica said...

Yup. The doc prescribed phenergen for me. I haven't picked it up because my problem is less the nausea and more the...other...ahem.
I ate a whole can of noodle soup. I'm starving, give me a break!
And then a banana pudding.
Now my stomach is going haywire. Gurgle grumble gurrrrrrgle grrrrrrrrrrrrrumble!!
It's LOUD too. Like you can hear it from other rooms in the house!
And water. lots and lots of water!

Anonymous said...

Didn't they tell you you can't try and get skinny while pregnant? Oh well, feel better!

Jessica said...

I swear I've been eating like crazy lately. Totally not trying to be skinny at all!

eaf said...

Being sick sucks. It sucks even more when you are preggers.

I was sick several times with Marcus. Never went to the hospital, but I did ask doctors the first time it happened if the baby would be okay.

The doctor smiled and said, "he'll take what he needs... don't worry. If he needs calcium and you don't ingest any in a reasonable time, he'll take it from your bones."

For the rest of the pregnancy, I imagined him chipping away at my bones with a little chisel.

Adventures of Pixie said...

I gladly accept all airmailed children packages. I even pay express overnight billing charges, so you should probably consider it.

It's so nice to hear about a pregnant woman going to the doctor at all. For the last 2 years at the group home, all I saw were girls spending half their time refusing to go, smoking pot the other half the time, and filling in the gaps with crazy MySpace stranger sex and clitoral-piercing parties.

Jessica said...

I know right! They're kind of like little parasites in there. Aw! My Little Tapeworm!
That's what made me so tired yesterday. The kid was taking all my cracker energy!

Jessica said...

Yikes Jess! That's crazy!
When Bob and I had our first apartment in Vacaville there was a little pregnant junior high girl who lived nearby. It just made me sad. She was so tiny and then big giant belly.
I'm nutso about going to the doc though. If anything happens, I'm there!

Adventures of Pixie said...

Crazy, right? And I didn't mention all the additional tattooing, fighting, and gang banging going on. Then of course, they were no better at being mommies than being pregnant, so lots of them lost their kids to the foster system because of abuse, neglect, and general irresponsible teen-ager-ness.

Adventures of Pixie said...

They had some crazy baby misinformation too, that they believed like it was gospel. I remember once a bunch of them said their moms had taught them that if you stand a baby on her feet when she's in your lap or on the ground when they're little, the soft spot in the head will never go away. So they couldn't really care less about keeping their doctors' appointments or having their babies vaccinated, but there wasn't a kid there that stood on her feet til she could do it herself!

Joan said...

Hope you feel better Jessey! My favorite sickie food is white rice with nothing. No butter, no salt, nada.
BTW, I swear the baby is going to be huge. I made chicken nuggets last nigth for dinner, out of a pound of chicken breasts. We ate them all. I ate a half lb of chicken?!? Plus veggies and dessert. eek.

Maribeth said...

Oh my goodness... I know exactly how you feel minus the hospital visit. I had a stomach bug in early December and it sucked especially being pregnant. My doc office wouldn't see me till I went 24 hours without keeping anything down. I wanted to die. I hope you feel better soon. I lost 5 lbs but gained it back. Hope you're feeling better soon. I am a bake potato girl but they are hard to digest so I wouldn't suggest it (although they are binding!).

Jessica said...

I quickly escalated my food choices from soup and pudding to homemade carrot muffins and cranberry juice. Then for dinner I made chicken stir fry with the leftover shredded carrots, green beans, broccoli and peppers with white rice. It was good. I was proud to have approximated Asian flavor without soy sauce! Whoo hoo!
Basically, I drank a gallon of water yesterday and that made all the difference, so I guess I know what I have to do. sigh.

Andrea said...

I'm so glad you're ok. That must have been awful!