Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Egad! I've met a murderer.

Two weeks or so ago there was a murder at my brother-in-laws apartment complex. He didn't know the people involved but he did know that the gal who lived there had gone out on a date with a fellow and that her ex-husband showed up at her apartment and stabbed the guy to death right in front of her, then tried to kill her, then took off.
Scary as shit right?
Well it turns out that the gal involved is the girl who took over my old job at the newspaper. I just found this out today.
Last summer I went out with some people from work and she and her ex were there (they were sort of dating at the time). I thought he was a little weird, but not killer weird.
Now I'm all kinds of freaked out.


Anonymous said...


Jessica said...

Totally freaky.
The guy he murdered had three kids with his ex-wife and he and the girl I know have four kids. So that's seven kids now, no dads.
They were going to bond the asshole out at $500,000 but someone pulled their head out of their ass and remanded him. Thank god!
Here's the link to the story, which is just friggin horrific and of course accurate since the only witness to the crime works at the paper.

Anonymous said...

I read his obituary and he had a sister who also died. His poor parents!

debdills said...

gotta fine tune your killer-detection-system.