Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Eh, maybe tooooo much Tyra....

Today I am styling. Nay, stylin'!
I am wearing Bob's flannel PJ pants, a tank top and a dirty old sweater...STYLIN'!

My only accessory is a Cinderella princess crown which Elizabeth is making me wear. It's pinching my head and is quite uncomfortable.
It features a little button that you push and Cinderella's face flashes with LED lights. Very fancy.

As I was folding laundry, Elizabeth ran up, pushed the button, looked at me closely and said:

There! Now you look FIERCE!



Anonymous said...

Sigh indeed.

Andrea said...

I am enjoying picturing you dressed like that, complete with the flashing cinderella crown. You look fierce in my head! :)

Jessica said...

Lemme tell you, I can see the masterpiece that is this outfit, and it's FABULOUS!!
At least the pants and the sweater match! That's about as fierce as I'm getting today.
At least I'm comfy.

Chris said...


debdills said...

and with that kind of ensemble today, we don't even get a picture??? i was hoping for a home movie to be able to make out the flashy-crown-action!

eaf said...

We have to teach Athena to say FIERCE. Now her favorite word is BOOTY. Maybe she'll tell me I have a FIERCE BOOTY.

Anne Marie said...

seriously- this post NEEDS a picture edited into it. i feel like i have recently worn a very similar outfit, i just want to see if it was close. wait- my flashy crown from kylee doesn't have cinderella on it. i bet i wouldn't be nearly as FIERCE.

Jessica said...

Though the outfit was totally FIERCE there shall not be a picture taken of me in it. Sadly.
Today I am dressed like chocolate mousse pie.
Black sweat pants and a dark brown top.
I look delicious.