Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm bringing sniffly back....yeah.

It's Oh'Dark Thirty in the morning and I've already been awake for an hour and a half with a sore throat.
I'm sick and miserable.
My doctor, Dr. Elizabeth, MD, has prescribed a cough drop and a cup of tea every two hours. Then she charged me $500 bucks. Thank goodness she takes invisible money AND she just paid me a million invisible bucks two days ago so she could watch The Doodlebops in my bedroom. Whew.
Please lord, don't let me have strep again!
Seriously, the pain is so bad I can't sleep. I'm on four hours sleep right now. Not good.
AND on top of the searing, agonizing throat pain I've got a cough from deep in my chest. Nice. I have grown woman's croup. I have pneumonia! Bird flu! Something terrifying and bad that I could have caught in my own home or at Walmart.
Walmart! Damn you!
Sickie haven.

In other news:
The situation with messy bloggers inspired me to completely overhaul Dylan's room in every way. He is now sleeping in a tricked out happy town. Toys in bins, shelves, TV stand for Spongebob viewing apparatus, bean bag seating for company. Organization is rad.
Unfortunately, it MAY have been this three to four hour cleaning bonanza that tipped the scales from slightly under the weather to DEAR LORD IT'S 4 AM AND MY THROAT IS ON FIRE! Call Dr. House!
I don't think I have cerebral malaria, amyloidosis, myesthenia gravis or even a broken toe leaking bone marrow into my bloodstream (Mira!), I just like Dr. House. And I hope Kumar will help ease my suffering too. He's funny. Maybe he can bring Ryan Reynolds. For eye-candy.

In any case, I will post pictures of the redone room later today, when my camera batteries have fully recharged.
There shall NOT be a "before" pic. Nay. I know you too well internet! You dirty scamp.

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Maribeth said...

I hope you feel better. I think the sickies have been attacking the moms had high rate lately (you, me, Meredith...). Take a break from cleaning and get some rest.