Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Bowl, as it happens!! Well, sorta...

*Both teams ran out of their tunnels pretty lamely...
I expected more hooting and hollering!

*Jordin Sparks looked 10 years older than she is, and snotty, and lip-synched. Whoo.

*Right before the coin toss they awarded Jason Taylor with the Walter Peyton award for charity work. Lord knows he had enough time on his hands, what with all the not winning he did this year. Heh.

*Coin toss goes to the...Giants! Whooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

** Oh I forgot to mention...what the heck was with all that Declaration of Independence crap. AND they should not have made Michael Strahan say "resiliancy"

**Field goal for the Giants!!
3-0 Giants!

*Stupid TD for the stupid cheater Patriots.
3-7 Patriots

**wowza! helluva catch by Toomer...
bummer, interception...

Good Budweiser commercial!

** not two seconds after I think that Tom Brady's chin strap looks like a jock strap, he takes two sacks and the Pats punt away again.

**Giants strip the ball from Brady but can't capitalize on the turnover...
We head into halftime 3-7 Pats.

Wow is Tom Petty ever exciting.

**Another sack on Brady!
Giants take over on downs!

***********whooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!
Touchdown Giants!!!!
10-7 Giants!

10-14 Patriots.

Come on Giants!!!!

17-14 Giants!!!!!!!!!!!!
My throat hurts from all this screaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anne Marie said...

I thought of you as the Giants pulled off that AMAZING win. Until the Raiders get back into Super Bowl contention, I really don't care who wins the big game. But have I do have to say, I am now officially a bandwagon Eli Manning fan. He's awesome.

Amy said...

Ha, I told my husband that the Giants were able to win because during the week's practice, they used different calls, so the Patriots were calling defensive and offensive moves based on wrong signals.