Saturday, February 02, 2008

Super Storm Sunday

It's gonna be a snowy Super Sunday

So much for a raging Super Bowl party!
It's supposed to snow between 1 and 2 feet tomorrow and almost everyone I know who WAS going to attend or throw a Super Bowl party is cancelling their plans.
We're staying home and stoking up the fireplace, cooking some frozen pizzas and watching the Giants whoop some Patriot behind!
Yeah, Meredith, that's what I said!

Overheard: A conversation between Bob and one of his buddies...

Buddy: What if it snowed in Phoenix huh? That would help out the Patriots!!
Bob: It snows in New Jersey too dude.
Buddy: Ohhhhhhhh yeah...nevermind.



Anonymous said...

Sigh, I don't know who to root for! I think Eli's a pussy and the Patriots are cheater bo-beaters, in addition to Tom Brady doing the "impregnante Bridget and run to Leo's cast off" move. I told my husband last night that I want to root for the underdog to beat the undefeated cheaters, without actually having to root for the Giants. It's all giving me a headache.

Jason said...

What's even funnier about your husband's conversation with his friend is that the game was played in a dome.