Sunday, March 09, 2008

My baby girl is 4 years old!!!


She's not in the greatest mood today, but we're going ahead with plans for a small ice cream party for her birthday.
Mostly family, so she can be crabby and blend right in...

First Photo


Daddy's shoes



Elizabeth is SHOCKED!

Breathe Right?

Easter Egg Huntress

Little Cowgirl




eva said...

Happy birthday adorable Elizabeth! Big kisses from your Aunty Eleeza. (Oh, and a happy day to you, too, J!) So glad she's healthy and on her way to recovery. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! she was a little chubb in the beginning!

Anne Marie said...

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth! 4 years has flown by! We were thinking of you today, and hoping that you are feeling better and that your ice cream party is awesome! XOXO

Jessica said...

She did great at her party yesterday. Just her Uncle, Aunt and cousins and Grandpa came, so it was nice and low-key.
Elizabeth did it up diva style and had THREE outfit changes.
One, khaki smock dress and lavender turtleneck with ponytail.
Two, fairy outfit complete with princess crown and magic wand.
Three, two sizes too big Hatch Fire Dept. t-shirt, thermal pants, knee high socks OVER the pants.
Throughout all costume changes she wore her heart shaped sunglasses.

When she came out of her room in that third outfit, it was a none too subtle signal that the party was over. She had essentially put on her pjs and flickered the lights at us...

Dylan was the one who had a terrible meltdown and had to be put to bed to sleep off the cranky.
Ugh. Shocking, I know.