Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What the heck else is going to happen!?!?!?

I don't know what Indian burial ground I've disturbed...but this is getting friggin ridiculous.

My OBs office called this morning and had me come in to get my TB test site evaluated.
Oh yes, it's definitely a positive test and I am now having to start a YEAR of medication to keep my latent and non-contagious infection from developing into active and transmittable TB infection.
Ooooh whoopee!

Dylan has a whopping case of double pinkeye, and despite his GHASTLY appearance, his rambunctiousness knows no end. I cannot manage him at this time, as I am thoroughly depleted of all energy.

I am worn out by stress and worry. I actually broke down in tears at his doctors appointment, then several times as we waited an hour for the doctor to make his 30 second appearance to diagnose Dylan (from across the room and without touching him) with pinkeye, which I had already done at 7:30 this morning and WHY don't they just give moms a prescription pad just for the basic drugs...antibiotics, pinkeye drops, cough medicine, I mean come on. That would save $80 billion a year. Give or take.

I am not only worn out, I am wrung out and hung out to dry.

I've broken down several times since we left the docs office. I am so utterly incapable of managing anything now that Bob offered to take on the task of picking up our medication.
Oh, and the whole family has to go to Holbrook (the county health department offices) to get TB tested and then possibly get on the same medication as I am...daily pills for a year...

Pain in the ass. But, better than getting killer TB.
Someone uplift me with a funny joke.
And please pray that I don't totally go insane.
And make me stop reading online about the horrors of TB and the medication used to prevent its development.

And send me some cake.


Anonymous said...

What the...? How do you even get TB? Seriously, that is just weird. Hopefuly everyone else will be TB free, and only you will have to take the meds. No jokes, but have you been to Medediths web site today? - There is a video of brendan dancing, it was totally funny, you must see it.

Jessica said...

Toooo funny!
My spirits were lifted!

Andrea said...

Awful awful news. I'm so sorry your whole family is sick and you have to take the yucky medicine for a year. Do you remember Julie's boyfriend Rick? He had to do that for a year in college and COULDN'T drink for a year! At least you are not in college when drinking was a mandatory 3-4 times a week occurence. And, I will be sending you cookies. :)

Jessica said...

Yes, thank goodness!
Since I'm currently pregnant and will soon be nursing, I'll be abstaining in the first place anyway.
The medication they put you on as a prophylactic treatment can cause liver damage all by itself, soooo, yeah, best to not drink and make that even more likely!

As always, cookies, pies and tarts are happily accepted in my preggo mouth and belly! :)

eaf said...

Our doctor won't even let you come in with pink eye. you call, and the nurse asks, "Is the eye pink? Gooey? Runny? Sealed shut? Which pharmacy? Thanks, have a good day."

No charge for that, either.

Of course, when I have a UTI, I have to go in. I have had a bajillion UTI's. I know what they are. Just gimme the prescription.

Hey, at least you don't have a UTI!!

Jessica said...

There is the shiny side of this particular could be in my va-jay-jay, causing troubs.