Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A little bit of everything...

First off...the medical update!
Dylan - still croupy, though the cough serum is working. He now has what looks to be pink eye. Joy of joys! I'm debating whether to pester our doctor further with our silly illnesses! :)

Elizabeth - Lovin' the "pink" medicine! She didn't complain too much about feeling sick beforehand, so...not much to report in the way of progress. She DID sleep all through the night by herself last night...though, it was on the couch.
Poor girl HATES her bedroom. Sad.

Bob - Thinks his stint in the power plant has given him black lung, refuses to be doctored to...INSANE!

Me - Aaahhhhh, saving the best for last. Yesterday afternoon, I noticed that my TB skin test area (standard for preggies) had a reaction. Eep! And EGAD! I called my OBs office and they sent me STAT over to the hospital radiology department for a STAT chest x-ray. Fun times! Thank GOD Bob was home yesterday!
Looong story short, I DON'T have TB. Fun fun fun!


Anyway, I was reading Dooce this morning and I was reminded of something funny...
When Dylan was in daycare the gals there quickly discovered that he was a picky eater. Not so much because he didn't LIKE to eat, he did (he does!) but that he didn't like CERTAIN food items. Mostly because he wasn't exposed to them at home.
One day as I was dropping him off I noticed the big food allergies and preferences chart on the wall in the classroom. Under Dylan's name it said, in big huge letters, "WILL NOT EAT HOT DOGS!!!"

He still isn't a fan of the hot dog.


Yesterday was two months exactly until my due date. I was at the hospital getting my chest x-ray and I walked by the OB department. Ah...the smell of fresh babies! I'm ready, but not ready. Know what I mean?


Anonymous said...

Maybe I will "know what you mean" at some point. Can you get black lung that quickly? Or is Bob being a typical dude.

Meredith said...

Poor kiddos - we know the poopy croupy well over here.

Really? Only 8 weeks till baby? Man, other people's pregnancies fly by! Mine on the other hand, seemed to last an eternity...

Jessica said...

Bob IS being a typical dude.
He smokes ciggies, and I think THAT is what causes him to cough...but that's just CRAZY!!! :)

Croup turned to pinkeye...I wasn't going to bring him in but...

My OB wants me to come in to get my TB test area evaluated and go on a YEAR LONG prophylactic medication just IN CASE I was exposed to TB.
So, Dylan will go in to see the doc after all re: rampant illness attacking his eyeballs.
Pray for me y'all.

Jessica said...

Less than 8 weeks til baby, I think!
I'll get delivered in my 38th week, so it's about 50 days away!

The World According to Pixie said...

Why are you getting delivered early?? :)

Jessica said...

Even LONGER story short!!

My first child was born via emergency C-section after 13 hours of "labor", three rounds of pitocin and no progression. Because of the type of insurance the hospital (yes, one and only) up here carries I now have to have all children via C-section because they don't allow VBAC.

More news:
I DO have latent TB infection (no symptoms, not contagious) so I came in contact with TB SOMEWHERE and now have to take in both kids and my husband to get tested and I have to definitely go on a year-long course of treatment and they all might too if they test positive. Whoo ha.

The World According to Pixie said...

Wow! I didn't know insurances could say that to you!

And I'm sorry about the TB. That sucks. :(

Jessica said...

Well, I could always walk into the ER crowning and just say, deal with me! But I'm pretty nervous about death and dying, so I'm gonna go their way.

Yeah, the hospital that you go to carries insurance that covers them for all the procedures they perform. They don't perform procedures they aren't insured for, otherwise, if you kicked off, they'd be in big ass trouble.

The World According to Pixie said...

What do you think of midwives and home births and such? I myself am too nervous about death and dying to even consider them, but two of my closest friends who have done home births have loved them for the very fact that the doctors and hospitals could not boss them around.

Jessica said...

I am VERY much in favor of midwives and home births and birthing centers and treating birth less like a medical issue and more like the natural event that it is...
Too often moms to be are rushed into labor with inductions and pitocin and all that crap and they end up in the operating room.
It's my opinion that there is TOO MUCH medical interference and intervention during birth and that interference adds to the growing rate of C-sections...

I think if I had the information I have now back when my first was born, I could have avoided the C-section altogether...but hindsight is 20/20.

Anonymous/Joan is having a birth center birth in May, so she can report back to us the ACTUAL experience vs. the perceived experience. And she better report!