Tuesday, March 25, 2008

You know, the baby is just going to POOP in that!

As most of you know, I sell handmade goods (mostly baby items and toys) online at a site called Hyenacart.com. (Link over there ====>)
I do OK from month to month, nothing to go insane about, but enough that I cover my costs and have some pocket money leftover, which is nice.

There are OTHER work at home moms who do MUUUUCH better than just breaking even though...

Like this one for example...

She makes diapers, cloth diapers. Pretty ordinary, not cut from rare Yeti fur or stitched in gold or anything crazy like that.
They are made from organic bamboo velour (which is crazy to begin with, since hello, your kid is pooping in that!) but I will say that we have a diaper that is velour (regular) and it is very, very soft. However, I paid just $8 for it and it will last me through Dylan's potty training and the New Baby's entire diapering career as well.
I think this other gal normally sells her diapers for around $30 each, which is not TOTALLY unheard of in the cloth diapering community (yes, there is a community) though it is outside of MY price range and I would venture to say that most moms and dads IN the "community" would think "wow, that's a lot for ONE diaper" as I am sure most of YOU are thinking right now.

However, that price will seem a mere pittance if you visit the link above and see that of the six diapers she's currently got listed for auction, one of them has a high bid of $296!!!
That's almost $300 for ONE DIAPER!!!!!

For perspective, let me close with this...
Dylan has enough cloth diapers to wear as many as he wants every day for three or four days before I have to wash. Heck, he could probably go a week. He has around 50 or so diapers (including the non-fancy prefold kind).
I already have around that same amount for the new baby, maybe another 40 to 50, including the boring prefolds (some of which I bought at Wal-Mart and work JUST FINE! Shhhhh! Don't tell the diaper nazis!)

I'd venture a guess that both stashes of diapers, for Dylan and New Baby, cost me about $300 give or take. I am, however, a frugal shopper and got some used, made a bunch all by myself, did some trades of my items for diapers and got deals on tester items from moms trying out a new pattern or new fabrics.
But I've got enough diapers to swath my kids' bums forevermore for the price of ONE of those auction diapers (and a significant savings over disposables, but that's another post altogether).

In a word, wowza.


Anne Marie said...

All I can say is... CRAZY!!!

Jessica said...

Yes. In a word, crazy.
How could you ever put a $300 diaper on your kids butt??
I don't even own ONE SINGLE ITEM OF CLOTHING FOR MYSELF that cost$300.
Shoot. My wedding dress was less than a grand. And that was probably the most expensive single piece of clothing I've ever owned. And I thought that was a ridiculous price, considering that I'm NOT Britney Spears and I'm NOT going to go to the AM/PM wearing my wedding dress to get cornnuts and a slushie at 3:30 in the morning.
But I am horribly off topic...
$300 diaper, crazy.
$75 diaper, crazy still.
Hell, I think $30 for a diaper is insane, but that's just me.
I tap out at around $12 maybe $15 if I'm feeling rich, and that's for BRAND NEW, really nice stuff.
And even then, I feel guilty.

People are buying these diapers from that website in bulk, at $365 a dozen, then selling them off one by one for almost twice the retail price. THAT'S CRAZY!! They're just diapers! And not even particularly special ones!!!
Bob asked me if they were made with baby seal fur...no, they are not!

debdills said...

this is not helping win people over to the non-disposable diaper community. It's a crazy concept to begin with, but... this is taking it a step to far... those people who make those bids? insane. irrational? irresponsible with their money? i don't know... i can't come up with anything other than completely out of their mind.

Jessica said...


Bern said...

I see that the same bidder for that $296 diaper also won a bid on another diaper.. meaning she is paying $480 for 2 diapers? hello?!!! $480!!!!!