Thursday, March 27, 2008


All this living is really taking its toll on me.
Stressing out babies, stressing out.

Last night I could NOT get to sleep at all. I tossed and turned for awhile in bed. Then got up and read Time Magazine. Then watched the Gauntlet III reunion show on MTV. Then watched "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" until almost 3 am on the couch. That show makes me feel simultaneously better about my life and totally inadequate and whiney.
Then I tossed and turned some more before I finally passed out in bed.
What was on my mind? Absolutely nothing. Just couldn't get to that tipping point of actually falling asleep.

I forgot the kids' TB test appointment at the county. Totally forgot.
Maybe I secretly don't want to know. Gotta reschedule that....

We've got a stack of bills sitting here, waiting to get paid...yeah...I'm slacking on that.

I haven't made dinner for these people who live with me since Easter Sunday when I made a ham and it was snubbed by the little people. I guess I felt subconciously (or conciously) offended and decided they could go fend for themselves.
Monday night we had a pizza. Tuesday I had a salad and the kids ate 50 yogurts all afternoon so they weren't hungry at all for dinner. Bob was though...he was mad.
Last night they all had a giant plate of chicken nuggets and I ate some of the leftover ham. It was good.
Tonight I am making a turkey. Maybe I can only pull off big giant meals lately? Who knows. I'm going crazy.

The baby is big enough now that EVERY move is rearranging my internal organs but still small enough that he's not cramped up in there yet. So he's swimming from stern to bow, so to speak, and making me queasy and uneasy. So sorry Chikezie.

On top of that I've got a raging sinus infection that migrated into my chest, giving me a lovely hacking cough that is OH SO PAINFUL.
Everytime I cough not only does it burn in my chest, but it also pulls every stretched out ligament surrounding my uterus which burns!!!!!!!!!! and SEARS!!!!!!!!!!!! and makes me want to cry. Sometimes I do.

Luckily I've taken a step back from my online custom item sales. Meaning, I'm not really selling to order anymore. You can't have it YOUR way at my BK Lounge anymore.
I'm only selling what I've already got made. So there. Take that.

I've only got one big order to finish and I have about three weeks to finish it up. I should be done by Sunday. Whoo! Nice and no pressure.
Then I have to make a charity raffle item and I'm done with my list of Things To Make for Store. Yay!
I actually just listed a bunch of new stuff, so if you're at all interested in anything cool you should at least go check it out. Preferably all at once, so I seem like a big deal. How about 1:37 pm exactly? Great! It's a date.

I still have to print out, sign and mail in our stupid federal tax form. Though, they already sent us our refund. How EXACTLY does that work? Where's my motivation?
I'll get to that. I just have to disconnect the internet from the computer that works, hook it up to the one that sort of works but has the printer software attached to it, then print out the form really fast before the computer that sort of works dies. Should take around 15 minutes. Just can't get myself to go there, yet.

Whatsoever I can safely pass off to Bob, I have done so. Bob = He who is in charge of driving around town and paying bills...All of our utilities are now local businesses so that's awesome...OH, except the aforementioned bullsh water bill...that's a horse of an entirely different color.

Bob is also in charge of turning in our health insurance paperwork and buying toilet paper. He is GREAT at that. I bought some milk at the Dollar General the other day and got a little rap on the knuckles for not checking the expiration date. March 22. On milk I bought on March 24. Eep.
So he can be in charge of milk purchases from now on as well.

At least I finally caught up on laundry yesterday! Whooo hooo! At least I don't have SIX Dylans trying to jump out windows and reverse climb trees (that means fall out of them) and rummaging through the fridge for the Sno-Cone juice which he would like to drink straight. Ew. And it's blue! Nice and tidy.

I think I'm done complaining now.
I'm done.


Anne Marie said...

Stress sucks. And I'm totally with you on the Jon and Kate insanity... there's something about that show- it always makes me feel like I have it waaaaaay to easy with my two rugrats, and I feel less anxiety. For a moment. Take care- good luck de-stressing.

Meredith said...

Word up to J&K! I LOVE that show. Totally makes anyone feel better about their life!

Your body is getting ready for the baby - it's the homestretch kiddo, and it is misreable but will go by fast. The last few weeks just suck, but you'll get your body back soon enough. Cannot WAIT to see him!

Jessica said...

All the kids on J&K+8 are soooo cute. But I swear, that show stresses me out. I always think they are going to lose someone, like when they lost Aaden, or was it Joel?, in the corn maze.
I can't go with two! I'd have a coronary.

I did relax a bit yesterday afternoon, in a most unusual way. Those of you who know me will be like, what?
I made Dylan some shorts. Sewing. A big sew-a-thon while he napped.
I got three pairs done.
Aren't I Suzy Homemaker?

Even my MOM makes fun of me. So go ahead...