Saturday, April 05, 2008

I want my two dollars!*

Last night I went to Safeway, without the kids, after Bob came home from work. I went *after* dinner, so I wouldn't buy Ho-Hos and eat half the box while pretending to comparison shop in the meat department.

I was going just for meat, bread, dairy and produce. I did the middle aisle shopping at the vastly cheaper Wal-Mart Supercenter earlier that day WITH the children. $140 worth of Wal-Mart snacks, juice, pastas and canned foods later...I still needed the essentials...meat, cheese, know...

Bob, gracious as he is, said I could go after dinner to Safeway for the rest. Hmrph. <= that's the sound of disdain.

I was glad to get away from the house and the kids, so I hightailed it out of here!

It was soooo nice to not have screaming children kicking me and each other the whole trip through the store.
While in the produce section, I took the time to look through their little vegetable reference book. I wanted to see just what the heck people DO with rhubarb. Turns out, not much! It is pretty though.

After about 45 minutes shopping I was done. Noone begged for soda, donuts or ANYTHING SpongeBob wheeeeeeeeeeeeze! Wheeze=Please in Dylanese.

The kid at the checkout was OBVIOUSLY very new to the store as I had purchased eight of the exact same item and instead of going 8 X into the register and scanning it once, he scanned EACH one individually.
He also had *issues* with the packages of stew meat as two would not scan and two would. So he scanned those two twice.
Ugh. It's meat dude. All different prices.

I went to the customer service desk...which they really should rename Vice's all cigs and lottery tickets. Bad.
I told the gal of my meat package scanning dilemma. She rescanned the items and said, "actually, if I do it right, you owe me a dime."
I said "Thanks for your time" and left.
I didn't have a dime.
It was as though she never asked for the dime.
"Didn't ask for a dime."

Being the skeptical sort I am, I re-added up the meat packages in my car after loading the groceries up. I'll be damned, she was right. Now I feel like I need to drop a dime (hee hee) somewhere in that store, just to even it up.

When I got home, Dylan was in a poopy diaper, his room was thrashed and Bob was watching TV, oblivious.
We had a smidge of an argument about why he SHOULD in fact change a diaper now and then.
After the argument I laid in bed and had two or three hours of contractions, leading me to think that I should not yell about poo anymore, as it clearly upsets the new baby. :) And the old babies too.

Elizabeth kept running by me while I *discussed* things with Bob and saying "Smile! Smile!"
There has to be a better way to get him to change diapers. Clearly my strategy of being a raging beeyotch when he doesn't is NOT working.

*This post has nothing to do with two dollars.


eaf said...

Great movie though! Very quote-worthy.

I rented it once along with Leaving Las Vegas. That was a really interesting combination, that.

Fortunately, I saved Cusak for last or I might have actually ended up killing myself.

Jessica said...

Isn't it ironic then that he does actually try to off himself throughout that movie...hmmm
Terribly ironic.

Go that way, very fast.
If something gets in your way, turn.

Amy said...

You can do this with rhubarb. I also once made rhubarb ice cream. The leftover rhubarb sauce was yummy.

Jessica said...

I knew you would know!!

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie too, but, I don't know about all that.