Friday, April 04, 2008

I can't take this anymore!!

Lawmakers invite sheriff to Southeast Valley cities

Down in Maricopa County (Phoenix, roughly) there's a sheriff called Joe Arpaio. Even if you don't live in Arizona, you may have heard of him.
Mostly because of his avant-garde law enforcement techniques.
He has a tent city jail. He makes inmates wear pink underwear. Stuff like that.
I tend to agree with his tactics. I mean, after all, the people affected by living in the tents and wearing pink underwear are CRIMINALS. If they'd just, oh, I don't know, not COMMIT CRIMES they could wear whatever color underwear they wanted.

But I digress...
Last night the news was ALL OVER Arpaio for doing a sweep for criminals in Guadalupe, AZ. Everywhere Sheriff Joe goes to round up criminals he is met by a huge group of protestors. Who doesn't want criminals off the streets? Other criminals?
Anyway, last night the protests were all "Si se puede" and "Viva la Raza" I kid you not. That is what the signs said, that is what the protestors were chanting.

There is all this criticism on the MCSO for having these sweeps and rounding up illegal immigrants, and I for the life of me can't understand why.
Immediately following the coverage of the protests (can you see me rolling my eyes?) there was a graphic that said in the previous two operations by the MCSO roughly 50 percent of the people arrested were found to be illegal immigrants.

I guess last night the number was a more conservative 25 percent. BUT STILL!
And these are all criminals and law-breakers to begin with! The MCSO and Arpaio aren't busting down front doors and grabbing people out of bed. They are pulling people over for speeding and moving violations and crap like that and then, oh looky! You're also in violation of the United States immigration laws...come on with us now!

I mean, really...seriously...what are these protests even about? Honestly.

So the VERY next story on the news after the Arpaio protest...
Some 18 year old dude was pestering a 13 year old girl to go out with him. When she refused, he shot her in the neck.
The very last line of the story said the guy was reported to be in ICE custody.
ICE = Immigration and Customs Enforcement

But it's not a problem.


Chris said...

But I have heard of him out here on the east coast. The Super Bowl, of course, was in Arizona and he made the news about some comments he made - taking celebrities who were breaking the law and throwing them in his tent camp prison.

Paris Hilton I think was one of the people he was talking about, among others.

Jessica said...

Do you know how much I would love it if Joe Arpaio was the sheriff of LA County.
Holy tweekers! That would be fun stuff!