Thursday, April 17, 2008


A few days ago (so hard to tell how many!) Elizabeth was playing in the play-yard and fell face first off the swing.
She got a NASTY scrape on her chin and a mouth full of dirt. She also damaged her upper gums and they swelled up like a balloon.
Yesterday she had an appointment with the dentist (set up pre-accident) for fillings.
They, of course, noticed that her gums were swollen and took an X-ray just in case. Though we won't know until next week, the dentist said she likely damaged her baby teeth (though they aren't loose) but her permanents are probably fine.
She hasn't been complaining of any pain at all, so I'm sure everything is fine.
If it's not, I can't stress about it.

A) there's nothing I can do to change it
B) they're just baby teeth
C) I'm just too darn tired to be stressed out lately

And in other busted face news:

Did you see that Ambre beat that worked over stripper skank Daisy for the heart of Bret Michaels?
Did you know who called that one in the beginning?
'Twas moi!

I like to make the Daisy face and talk about how I'm like, totally here for Bret and I totally love Bret and you're just jealous!


Maribeth said...

I have been meaning to post about Rock of Love and the fact that YOU called it! I never thought it would be Amber. However, at least she isn't totally plastic looking like Daisy. You go Bret!

eaf said...

I am not an avid Rock of Love fan, but I caught a couple of episodes of it while in minneapolis and I couldn't take my eyes off of Daisy. It's like there is horse in her parentage. I can't figure it out. Were her eyes really meant to look like that? She really should sue whoever did that work. Really.

Jessica said...

My absolute favorite part of the season finale was when Ambre interviewed...

"Yeah, Daisy's hot. But surgery can make me hotter. Surgery can't make her smarter."

Ohhhh snap.

Daisy's hot. A hot mess.

debdills said...

totally unrelated to RoL.... but reminds me of Elizabeth's smashmouth.... did you know that the little strip of flesh connecting your gums to your lips is called a frenulum? (oh lordy.... I don't ever recommend anyone google that at work when attempting to properly spell, cos, uh, there are other, potentially more common frenulums in the human body that are not suitable to be displaying at work.)
Anyway, my so, very very very non-important point? if you lose your mouth frenulum, they don't replace it. even if you're a little 4 yr old who is learning how to talk and chew and grow teeth. you just get to have a non-connected gum to lip situation.

The World According to Pixie said...

Did you see the reunion show last night?? We were GLUED to it. Heather flipping out was the best part. My favorite line was when they were dragging her away and she wailed to Bret, "You ALWAYS take her side!"

Jessica said...

Oh lord! Did she really say that?!?
I was watching it while EVERYONE else in the house was sleeping, so I had the volume so quiet!
I really just wanted to see Daisy get beat up.
That's good enough for me.
I loved how Daisy spilled the beans about what a ho she is, that Bret "sealed the deal" in Mexico...