Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oh, have I mentioned?

Dylan's gone completely nap-free.
This is horrendous, horrible, terrible news.
He should be napping RIGHT NOW, as it's his former nap time.
Instead, he's taken the cushions off the couch and is jumping on the pull-out bed.
He's also wearing my sandals as know for karate.

Don't think that because he doesn't TAKE naps he no longer NEEDS naps.
I need him to take naps.
He refuses.

He just started crying because I told him not to throw paper at me. Like hysterical crying. Then he stomped off to his room in a hissy fit of epic proportions.
Yeah, he needs naps.

The downside to the no napping is that he's awake all day. Obviously.
Look deeper into that statement and you'll see this means I get no break from Hurricane Dylan.

The upside is that he goes to bed earlier than ever before. Where the Dylan who napped was up until almost 9 pm every night, the new No Nap Dylan is ready for bed at around 7:30 pm.
Sometimes he is ready to go to bed immediately after dinner. Sometimes much earlier than that even. We've found him sleeping in his sister's bed and on the floor of our room pre-dinner and he's remained asleep on those days until the next morning.

I think he's still working out the kinks in his new no nap system. It's a rough transition, I'll concede. He used to reliably go down for a nap between noon and 1 pm and sleep for around 3 hours.

So, yeah, we're in a hazy period right now. He's not sure when to sleep, or where for that matter.

Naturally the whole concept of him no longer napping is terrifying to me. At least the new baby will probably sleep all day, as babies do. But then he'll be UP all night. When, pray tell, will I sleep?
I predict October 17th, 2010.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you can give him Benadryl? That prevents illness too, right? It's a preventive measure, you don't want NuBabee getting ill.

Meredith said...

Oh man, I feel for you. This is my worst nightmare! I LOVE naptime...seriously, love it. It can't end yet - come on Dylan, take a nap! Mommy needs it!

Jessica said...

Can't give him Benadryl! Very bad! Though I joke about it....

Mer- he won't nap. I've tried. On very bad days I put him in his crib and leave him in there no matter what.
Though, now that he can climb out AND open his door...

It's allllll over now.
If he wants freedom, he can get it.

debdills said...

despite the horribleness of no more dylan-free daylight hours, I do really like the photos of him sleeping. I like his hulk-like pose..... toooooo cute!

Maribeth said...

Gate him in to his room! Okay, I know I sound horrible but I did that with Ryleigh when we moved her into her big girl room. I was worried that she would get out of bed at naptime and leave her room and I would be asleep (I do have a monitor so I can hear her usually). There are days she fights me but I put her in her room close the door, put the gate up and pray. I hear her snoring on the monitor 5 minutes later!

Anne Marie said...

I feel your pain. I've completely given up after a month of trying to get Owen to take naps again- and I'm not going to lie- days are SOOOOOO much longer now. I think Owen and Dylan are somehow in kahoots. We, as their moms, know they NEED naps, but they, being strong-willed escape artists, have realized they can get through a days worth of craziness without stopping for a moment. YAY! Earlier to bed is nice- I haven't seen 7:30 yet, but I get him down by 8:30 and he's ready for a full day again by 7 am. I'm hoping that he'll somehow find a way to transfer some of his energy to me. Good luck, and, once again, I think we are living the same life in our seperate parts of the country!

Jessica said...

At least you have Kylee in preschool some days. I've got both kids at home all day.
She'll start preschool in August, but that's SOOOO FAR AWAAAAY!!!

It's too hard to take him out anywhere lately because he throws big fits in the stores everytime he sees anything SpongeBob. Or he just freaks out for NO reason. So I wait until I can leave one of them with Bob and go out shopping or to the post office. The fun stuff. :)
What in the hell am I going to do with THREE kids...
brain aneurysm?

Ann said...

They don't call 'em the terrible twos (and, uh hem, threes) for nothing. But then they grow up :) Hang in there.