Wednesday, May 07, 2008

And I think I would do just fine...

If you, like me, had absolutely no life during the summer of 2001, you may have watched the show Big Brother 2.
Well, maybe that's not fair entirely...that summer I had just moved to Vacaville. I worked and went to the gym a lot. I did have "a life" but it wasn't very cool.
I watched Big Brother too.
This was the season with the Chilltown alliance, Evil Dr. Will and Mike Boogie. Awesome.
This was also the season that they started the houseguests on the restriction diets based on food competition results. If you or your group won the food competition you got to eat regular food. If you lost, however, you had to eat nothing but peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and water...I believe this was amended in later seasons to include all condiments and people would eat ketchup sandwiches and other nasty concoctions. Blech.

This PB&J diet was intended as a punishment or penalty somehow. It was supposed to handicap the people on the diet.
But I think it would suit me just fine!

During my whole pregnancy I've been fully and completely addicted to peanut butter and jelly. I've had to buy the giant sized peanut butter tubs, sometimes in two-packs, just to keep it in the house.
This morning I had PB&J for breakfast. As I was making the sandwich I wondered how many days this year I had eaten PB&J for breakfast. Probably 20 percent of the days in 2008 that I ate a breakfast, it was PB&J.
I might eat it again today for lunch.
Who knows. I'm wacky like that.
I just really love PB&J. Sometimes with a baseball bat, sometimes without.
Is that so wrong?


Anonymous said...

Blech I hate PB&J. PB is fine, it's the jelly. Nasty jiggly consistency like slime going down your throat. This has been a lifelong problem. I would have my mom make me PB&J crackers for lunch, just like her, only hold the J, please. But I'm glad you're happy!

Jessica said...

Slimy Jiggles.
That's a great stripper name.

eaf said...

I often eat just the PB... hold the J. But that's out of laziness and not wanting sticky fingers. J is delicious too.

Hmmmm... I'm suddenly hungry... craving... hmmmmmmmm