Friday, May 09, 2008

Post-Partum Plans

Remember when I said I had lost 2.5 pounds. Well I found them.
I think it's just fluctuations in water weight. I've been REALLY thirsty lately. Thirs-tay! Like, pour a glass of water, chug. Pour another glass, sip.
Or maybe I lost the weight and baby found it?

I have every confidence that I will deliver this baby and lose 15 pounds Monday morning. Whoo hoo! Now that's a diet!

After my mandatory recovery period, I will embark on a quest for new hotness...aka lose some fat flubbery weight.
The baby ticker will be replaced with a fat butt reduction ticker. I'm hoping that by 6 weeks postpartum, and through no real effort of my own, I'll be at or below my pre-preg weight which was 1** pounds. I'm not telling you!
Then I want to take off another 25 pounds past that, getting me to a much healthier weight of 1** pounds. This, I predict, will be the hard part. I've gained pretty reasonably throughout the pregnancy, so taking it all back off should really just be a matter of getting the baby and accessories out and de-swelling!
Then I should be right back where I was last August. Except, my kids are crazier now and don't ever nap.
But anyway...40 pounds lost (including the baby and accessories) is my goal for the summer.

I plan to do this with daily exercise, on top of the usual kid chasing, and watching my diet. No more ice cream. Sad. Lots more fiber and water. Yay!

I'm glad I'm having this plan take effect in the warmer months. Losing weight is SOO much easier in the summer when it's too hot to eat anyway! AND there aren't any cookie-laden holidays during the summer months either.
I'll just try to be sensible, get in exercise and keep track of my progress.

Plus, I'll keep my super cute PRE-preg clothes in the front of the closet to remind myself that I used to be way cuter and need to get back there and beyond. Beside that motivation, I can't AFFORD new fat butt clothes, so, if I ever want to get out of sweats and PJ pants, this has to be done!

Here are my short and long-term goals:
(DW=delivery weight)

Immediate post-partum loss/Three week checkup (June 2): I expect a 15-20 pound loss in the first few weeks just from having the baby. Goal: DW-20

Six week checkup (June 23): Another 5 pounds, bringing me all the way back to pre-preg weight. Goal: DW-25

Nine weeks postpartum (July 14): I'll be heading out to SoCal this week, hopefully 25-30 pounds lighter than the weight I delivered at. Goal: DW-30

12 weeks postpartum (Aug 4): Should be easy to keep weight off and keep losing. I'll be at my mom's house or elsewhere in California for most of July. She'll keep me walking around, going to the park, providing healthy meals and childcare. Plus I'll be swimming! Another 3-5 pound loss.
Goal: DW-35

The biggest milestone looming is my 30th birthday, which falls exactly 16 weeks postpartum!
Isn't that a major coincidence!

16 weeks postpartum (Sept. 1): During the month of August, Elizabeth will start official preschool, causing me to take the boys into town at least three times a week in the afternoons. We'll be at the park a lot I expect, and it's HOT here in August, so no heavy meals for me. Goal weight by Sept. 1: DW-40

If I can make this goal by my birthday, I will be about 5 pounds away from my goal weight for the summer which is awesome!
I think it's TOTALLY doable, especially considering that half of the weight I have to lose to get there is probably going to just disappear after the baby is born. Hopefully, I'll have a 15 pound baby and make it all that much easier! Ha ha!


Anonymous said...

First, good plan! Make sure to weigh yourself Monday morning, so then on Monday afternoon you can update your ticket and make everybody jealous.

And maybe you should e-mail Michelle Duggar for advice? She's now on to baby 18 and looks fab.

Jessica said...

Of course! Monday weigh ins will keep me on track and keep track of my new emerging hotness!

I'm afraid the million kids is Michelle Duggar's secret. There can't be much food to eat in that house, or time to eat it!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the new addition to the house that they'll need to start building will probably help too. Maybe she's so skinny because after what is it, 315 months of being pregnant, her body just automatically burns it up quickly, thinking there's a baby down there that needs it. Either that, or it's all "we're so tired of being fat, let's just shut down and make this woman never hungry."

eaf said...

Okay, did you just wish for a 15 pound baby? Now I know you are crazy!

Seriously, I think I'm ready to get down to the hotness as well. I am formulating my plan, set to start just after I return from Disney with mom. I chose that because we should be walking an avereage of six miles per day while there, and that should be a good springboard.

Of course, I am a little worried for you. Remember what happened last time you got to looking so fly again? I know you're getting the tubes tied... but you know that doesn't always work!

Jessica said...

My OB assured me that once he ties a tube, it stays tied! Whew!
Plus I'll be nursing, and I have a backup supply of NuvaRing just in case.
If a miracle happens, it will be just that, a miracle.