Friday, May 30, 2008


There are certain things that happen to you when you have a surgical birth. Things that you don't want to know about and that the medical people involved do not tell you about.
After three of these C-sections, I unfortunately have come to know most of those things...

Edited for your benefit
I was considering telling you about some of the more scary things, but for some reason my better judgement has intervened on your behalf.
Instead I'll just tell you something I discovered this morning.

I was feeling a pulling, sort of a pinchy pulling, at my incision site when I woke up this morning.
Oh no! Am I horribly infected?
Well, no. I'm just dumb.

Did you know (I clearly did not) that when you have a C-section they cover your incision with plastic tape?

That was fun to pull off 18 days later and without the benefit of narcotic pain relief.

This was the conversation as I sloooooowly peeled.

Me: Bob. Did you know there was plastic on me?
Bob: No I did not.
Me: Yeah, me either.

The end.


Tigerlilly said...

I've got one that tops that!! But it will have to wait until we talk in person... dont want to give innocent people nightmares!

Anonymous said...

IS there tape in you too? eek!

eaf said...

Talk about the world's worst band-aid. Ouch.

Jessica said...

No tape inside...I don't think!!!

I was so afraid of them leaving something in there! I made sure to listen when they counted the instruments and sponges before closing me up. :)