Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The week in review

Gosh! Has it really been a week since I posted??
I'm so busy lately...wonder why?

I haven't left the house in almost two weeks, since the baby's first checkup appointment. This afternoon I'll leave again (this time I'll drive myself, yay!) for another baby checkup appointment. Didn't you know, he's two weeks old now!

Operation New Hotness is going great.
I'm not really watching what I'm eating, unless you count me watching it fly from the plate into my mouth! Ha ha ha...no seriously. I'm trying to be sensible on food choice and portions but breastfeeding makes me dang hungry. And it makes me want to eat half a carrot cake that I made from scratch yesterday. Well, maybe not half, but more than my portion should have been. I couldn't help myself. Not to toot my own horn, but DANG that was some good carrot cake!

But for reals, ONH (Operation New Hotness) is so far a total success.
Here are the tactical successes so far:

* I have lost an estimated total of 19 pounds (estimated because my scale is one of those broke-down rotary style, note to self, buy digital scale!) in the two weeks since Ben was born. Yes, most of that is baby, baby's accessories and fluids and bloat. But hell, I'll take it! Total weight loss gets me down to two pounds over my weight at my first prenatal check, which is awesome. I also have another six days to peel off one more pound, thus reaching my goal of DW-20 by three weeks postpartum.
Kick ass!

* Because of the awesome weight loss, I can fit into my REGULAR jeans! I'm wearing them right now!
They are not the size I was wearing when I GOT pregnant, but I've still got about eight pounds to lose to get back to my last summer low weight, which for reference purposes only is DW-27. I'll get there, and then some.

* I had Bob set up the exercise machine in my bedroom. For me to get from my side of the bed out of the room I have to scooch by that machine. Motivation! Since I'm still not technically cleared for exercise at all (or driving for that matter) I have started out just doing 20 minutes at a time, very slowly.
Next week at my checkup I should get cleared for some exercise and I'll start working up to 45 minutes a day.

In other news:
My mom left Sunday morning, which made me very sad. Both because I would be braving the world of three children all alone during the day, SCARY, and because of course I'll just miss my mom.
Whenever she visits it always makes me wish that we didn't live so far away. Not just for the free childcare services, but you know, I just miss my mom.
And the kids just absolutely love her. She's crazy like them, so it works out. One morning I happened to get to Dylan's room first and he climbed out of his crib, took one snotty look at me and said:
"Where's Nani?"

Anyway, the pain of her leaving is dulled by the fact that we're traveling to her house in mid-July for a visit. Nani's got the big SoCal house and the pool and she takes us to all the cool attractions like the zoo and the aquarium. We have access to none of these things at home. We usually make the trip a good long visit when we go so we can fill up on interesting activities before we return home to no mans land.

I know we're going to the Santa Barbara Zoo and the Gardens of the World in Thousand Oaks and probably the beach at the Ventura Marina, because we always do. Beyond that, I'm not sure. I'll have to scope out some cool new places to go. Last summer we went to the Long Beach Aquarium, which was cool, but sort of small for the admission price.
I'm a beggar though, and should not be so choosey.
Any SoCal kid-friendly suggestions are welcome! You'd think I'd already know having grown up there but I haven't lived in SoCal in almost 12 years, things have changed, a lot.

For instance, where there used to be huge empty vacant lots down the street from my mom's house, there's now a giant movie theater and a TGI Fridays. And a big giant police station.
The little farm where we used to buy fresh berries and pumpkins is now senior living condos and a shopping center. Feh.
In just the last year a little vacant lot on my mom's street was bought and someone started building a house on it (but didn't finish!) So the lot where we all used to play as kids (and was vacant for upwards of 25 years) is now a half completed house. Bummer.


The other major news of this week was that we finally got our garden planted! Yay! Then it snowed for two days. Booo.
Yes. Snow. And hail, and thunderstorming rain and all that fun crap that was supposed to be OVER!
We think we only lost one eggplant plant, but we'll see. Gah!

On the cuteness front, Ben is an awesome baby. He sleeps great, he's an excellent nurser and I think he's growing just fine. We'll see this afternoon!
Here are some pics in which he appears to have an alien head.


Anne Marie said...

Welcome back, Jessey- and congrats on the post baby weight loss. I, on the other hand, seem to be growing in insane, astronomical porportions. I'm scared to see what my dr will say at my check up tomorrow. Ben is looking SUPER adorable and healthy, I'm glad he's been so great at sleeping and nursing! You give me such hope that baby #3 will blend in smoothly to our crazy bunch!

Meredith said...

Dude, I am so jealous - I don't think I hit pre-preg weight for 6 months after Brendan. I was still in super fat jeans at my 6-week check-up. You rock!

Have fun in SoCal, can't wait to see you in July! And meet Ben!

P.S. I totally doubt AM could EVER get big. Seriously.

Jessica said...

I agree that Anne Marie's perception is all skewed, due to the fact that she's a skinny B-I.

This is really the first time I've gotten back to weight so fast. I carried some Elizabeth weight until I got pregnant with Dylan, and I carried some Dylan weight until last summer...

Third time's the charm!

Anonymous said...

My ONH is not going well at all, so you suck. I guess the more kids you have, the less time you have to do anything, so you stay skinny. See, Mrs. Duggar is on to something, soon she'll be invisible.

Jessica said...

Yes, the activity level and energy required to clean up after the monsters, er, children helps to keep the poundage from creeping up...
But also, they are culinary psychics...which is to say, as SOON as I sit down with ANYTHING to eat or drink, they INSTANTLY appear from thin air and beg off half of it.

I just barely finished an apple without anyone demanding just a "little bite" but they both recently took off with half of my soda. I had to open two cans just to get a full soda!! Sugar free, calm down.
I swear I could be eating poo covered in slime and they'd gather around.
"I want a bite! Pleeeeeaaaase!!!"

eaf said...

Ugh! I hate the beggars. I've become a closet eater, literally. Like I hide food in my closet, and sometimes I have to go in there and close the door to eat the food hidden therein.

Of course, I don't do that now because of my own personal ONH (or QFH for me -- Quest For Hotness). I haven't been weighing in regularly yet, will start next week. But I did note that I lost two pounds while at Disney. WOOT!

Anne Marie said...

I'm WAY late responding- but I should totally post a big ol' picture of my big ol' whitey belly for you and Mer to see. I swear, people see my belly and say, HOW far along are you?!?! And it's not twins?!?! Wow. This pregnancy is going to be about watching little Anne Marie turn into "BIG, HUGE Mama." K. Stay tuned.

And Jessey- we totally need to swap kids for awhile. Yours eat! That's so awesome! Even poo-covered slime! I love it! Mine, I force feed 'em. I'm packing on the pounds because I eat all my lunch, then have to finish both of theirs because I don't want it to go to waste. So, in November, I'll need to borrow Elizabeth and Dylan to help with my post baby weight loss, ok? Thanks!

Jessica said...

You can borrow them, but I'm not sure that you know what you'd be getting into!
One or the other of the older kids is great, helpful and kind. Put the two together...wowza.
The screaming can be heard from space.

They also seem to think that "parent" food, as Elizabeth calls it, has some special seasoning that we withhold from them. They get served the same dinner that Bob and I get, yet they shun their OWN meals and beg off of OUR plates.

No. 1 phrase at mealtime
"Your food is the EXACT same thing as MOMMY'S food! Eat YOUR food!"

No. 2 phrase at mealtime
"Fine, here. Have a bite of mommy's food."

Maribeth said...

Congrats for getting on the weight loss train! I officially joined you today. I haven't lost an ounce since I came home from the hospital. The only good thing was I was able to bottom my fat jeans back on (no maternity) the day I came home. Problem...still wearing them almost 3 months later. You've inspired me to join you (that and a wedding at the end of June). So I will be posting on my blog my adventures!
Ben looks so great. I completely agree with the kids and plates. Ryleigh has got so bad that I am now feeding her 'like a baby'. It's sad. Sounds like you're surviving! Keeping you in my thoughts and hope you're getting sleep.

Maribeth said...

Not bottom - put on! I am an idiot. I must have been thinking about my fat behind!

Jessica said...

Welcome to your new hotness Maribeth!!
Having the ticker on the blog totally makes me more accountable.I totally recommend it!

Bern said...

And how did you manage to find the time to bake a carrot cake from scratch?!! I salute you!

Jessica said...

Oh, it was really a simple recipe and Ben is a great sleeper! I just waited for him to take his extended nap in the morning, as he is now, and enlisted Elizabeth to help me. Dylan sort of does his own thing. He's not a helper-boy!