Monday, June 30, 2008

Five years...

Yesterday was our five year anniversary!
Time sure flies when you're having a jillion babies! Or three.

The traditional fifth anniversary gift is something made from wood. I did not get anything wooden. Instead, I got a new fancy electric safety can opener (the kind that cuts off the whole top of the can) and a Dove bar. Mmmm. Though, there was a wooden stick in that Dove bar, so there you go.

Bob didn't want anything, he never does, but he did go to a garage sale and get himself a new (to him) pair of shorts. He got a great deal too, paying just $4 for a like new pair of $20 shorts. Ah, old age is getting to the boy's mind, making him frugal.

We really didn't/couldn't plan anything any more fancy than just spending time together at home since I can't leave the baby for more than an hour or so and the drive time round-trip to anywhere decent up here is an hour. So I guess we could have driven to a restaurant then turned around and came right back home...though, that would have left The Triad home alone, since we have no, bad idea.

At one point during the evening...after the kids had eaten a bunch of ice cream and Sour Patch Kids and were bouncing off the walls...I said to Bob "Remember five years ago, when we had no kids and no craziness and we went to party in Las Vegas. Ah, that was fun. We can do it again in 18 years."

The anniversary is the reason behind the very flowery banner this month...burgundy and cream, our wedding colors.

In other news:
Benjamin is slowly developing a personality! For the first two months of so, babies are just like hungry lumps. They don't talk, smile, move around too much or really interact with anyone beyond screaming at the top of their lungs when they want to eat or have pooped themselves.
He still does that, the screaming, but I swear in the last week or so he's smiled twice (though he probably didn't mean to!) and has started saying "ooh" and "aah" a little bit instead of just "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!"

It's only going to get better too!
Yay! And at the same time, boo...because Ben is my last baby, my last newborn, my last little warm bundle of love...and he's already growing and growing up. **Sniffle**
Good thing it seems there are more Evans babies on the horizon...not for us, of course....


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm glad things turned around well for you!

Jessica said...

Yeah, things were not so great a while back there huh?

AND this is my 1000th post!
I forgot to mention that!

Anne Marie said...

Happy 5th Anniversary! Things sure do change with kids, huh? Instead of crazy Vegas fun, you got crazy, amped up on sugar, kid fun! Yay!

Jessica said...

Yeah! It was pretty much the same as the trip to Vegas, just without winning money and with Sour Patch Kids!
Blech. Those things are NASTY!

Maribeth said...

Happy Anniversary & 1000th post. You timed that perfect!