Friday, June 27, 2008

Review: They Might Be Giants - Here Come the ABCs!

We've actually had this CD/DVD set for a while but this week is the first time I've gotten to see both Elizabeth AND Dylan really interacting with the songs and videos. This has only been made possible now that we're over our SpongeBob obsession and branching out into other DVDs. Thank heavens!

From the beginning to the end, this DVD is pure entertainment. I'm not a fan of childrens' programming at all, which is why we have a TV in Dylan's I don't have to watch their shows. Blech.

"Here Come the ABCs" is one of very few programs that both the children and I absolutely love.
I'd actually watch this DVD all by myself. Seriously.

When we first got this DVD, Elizabeth watched it every waking moment. Like most kids' programming I thought, well, this is a phase and she'll watch it for two weeks and then be over it.

Nay. Not only did SHE not want to stop watching it, I didn't want to stop either.

Here we are years later and she's STILL watching it, loving it and we're passing that love on to her brother Dylan.

The DVD has been playing pretty much nonstop now for days (replacing "Chipmunks" which replaced "SpongeBob" - both TOTALLY annoying to me) and every time I go into the room, Dylan is dancing and singing and loving every second of the program.

He sings along to all the songs, he's learning his ABCs in a really fun way AND all of this is not only NOT annoying me, it's actually entertaining me too! Now when he gets into the bathtub he holds up the tub-toy letters and asks me "What's this? What's this?" whereas before "Here Come the ABCs" he just chewed on them and threw them at his sister.

My favorite song is "Robot Parade" which is part of the bonus features.
Elizabeth's favorite is "E Eats Everything" which is really quite clever and was featured on the Disney channel, leading me to the DVD in the first place.
We think Dylan's favorite is "Q-U" or "C is for Conifer"

All the songs are equally good, there are no duds.

I can't wait to get TMBGs "Here come the 123s!"

End of review.

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eaf said...

We have this one too, and we all love it. It has withstood the test of time with us as well... we bought it in October 2004 when it came out, and we still watch it today. It still enthralls my children. Chris' favorite is ICU. And mine is definitely QU. I love a good bass line.

You might also want to try Barenaked Ladies' new stuff. The CD is called Snacktime. I downloaded it this week, and the kids are going ape shit for the music. No DVD yet, but I'm sure it will happen. It's classic BNL with a great sensibility for kids... just like TMBG.

If you want to try the BNL stuff, go to YouTube and search "7 8 9 bnl" and it should come up.