Thursday, June 05, 2008

Good Weather, Good Times

Here is Elizabeth and Bob playing Sorry one night.
Elizabeth lounges in the pool. This is as close as she would come to getting IN the water.

Dylan hangs out poolside. No swimming for him!

Dylan dressed up in a tiny baby outfit and pretended to be a bear.

Benjamin snoozes the evening away.

Here's me and Ben using the Moby wrap.

Elizabeth looking eeriely like her mother.

Also, I made Challah bread.


Anonymous said...

Why is it called a moby wrap and how is it different than a snuggli.

Jessica said...

First, mine is a fake Moby because I just use fabric and not the actual "Moby wrap". It's too expensive!

But the idea is the same. It's just a long piece of fabric that you tie around your body in a specific way and then you stick the baby into the pockets made by the fabric. It works really well!

A Snuggli is more like a Baby Bjorn in that it's sort of like a backpack for a baby, right? I have an Infantino baby carrier that is like that but I don't like to use it...too many buckles and clips and adjusting.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, too confusing. I think I shall just let baby lie around all day on the floor.

Jessica said...

Don't get me wrong...he lays around too!

Here's the Moby wrap instructions. I just use a 5 yard piece of crinkle cotton instead of the fancy Moby fabric. Works fine, is a fraction of the price!

Anonymous said...

Okay first, I love how the instructions make clear that the logo must be visible at all times. As though it has magical "the baby won't drop" powers that remain ONLY if everybody can see it on your belly. I would for sure flip that sucker inside out, just on principle.

And second, that does not look safe enough to appease my husband. I can see him pulling the knots as tight as he could to ensure no baby droppage, and me and baby would be trying to suck each other's breath just to survive.

Jessica said...

I thought the same thing, but the way you wrap it seems to make it impossible to get off. Maybe the wrap and the baby are like counterweights just making the whole thing secure.
I feel like the backpack ones are less safe! They're held together in some spots with velcro!

Bern said...

My grandma used the Moby wrap thingy some 60 years ago! It's great that some traditions still live on.

Anonymous said...

I want to try the moby wrap, but I too am skeptical of the bilities to contain a squirmy baby. Casey saw a lady with a white one the other day and he thought it looked like she had been T.P'd...
I also have the infantino, way too many straps, but works ok. I kind of don't trust the top knobbers that hold the baby in...

Jessica said...

I totally agree.
Those clips are plastic! Hi, plastic breaks!
I feel way more secure with Ben in the Faux-by.
And I just found out that my fabric was twice as wide as it needed to be, so I cut my wraps in half, voila. Twice the wraps!
Want one to test out Joan??