Thursday, June 05, 2008

Shall we play a game?

Name that baby!

First person to get them all right wins a prize!

All three of my kids are in this collage, but I won't say how often each kid appears.
Keep in mind that we have had the same baby gear for all three kids, so it probably won't be helpful to try to match kids based on what they are wearing or hanging out in and around. All the kids are around the same age in these pics. Also I didn't always necessarily dress my kids in gender appropriate clothing. Maybe I did, maybe I didn't! When you have babies, really, whatever is clean is the outfit they wear!
I tried to cut out dead giveaway identifiers, like what Binky each kid was using at the time, etc.

Goooood Luck!


Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, Dylan, Dylan, Elizabeth, Ben, Dylan

Jessica said...

VERY close!

Anonymous said...

Okay then I change number 6 to Elizabeth.

Anonymous said...

Okay wait, wait! If my revised second guess is wrong, then I got BACK to my first guess, except that picture #3 is Benjamin.

eaf said...

Elizabeth, Dylan, Ben, Ben, Elizabeth, Dylan?

It's like Attack of the Clones.

I know I'm wrong because I'm too different from Amy, but that's just how stubborn I am.

eaf said...

Elizabeth, Dylan, Ben, Elizabeth, Ben, Dylan? THAT'S what I really think!

Drat! That's what Amy had said. In her third guess.

Well, maybe I get second prize? I really wasn't looking at Amy's answer when I did mine!

Jessica said...

Honestly, I'm rather impressed!
The correct answer is
Elizabeth, Dylan, Ben, Elizabeth, Ben, Dylan!

Amy got it right first, but I will send a second prize to Elizabeth.

Email me your addresses, even though I think I already have them.

Truly impressive. Sometimes I can't tell the difference in pix and have to use clues, like where we are or what clothes the kid is wearing.

Anonymous said...

Well, for my third guess I did go back and look at all your pics of Ben, and noticed the yellow. Dylan's pretty distinctive looking, as compared to the rest. His nose is different, to me.

Jessica said...

I agree.
I think of all the kids, Ben and Elizabeth look the most alike at this early age. Though Dylan as a newborn was a dead ringer for Elizabeth. His face got skinnier and more angular very quickly though. She stayed baby faced for a while. He's back to plump faced now!

eaf said...

The big head on the last picture gave Dylan away. Super Cranium Kid!

Email me first. I have no idea where your email addy is.

Tigerlilly said...

Elizabeth, Dylan, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Benjamin, Dylan!!

YEAH!!! I was right.. I swear I didn't look until I typed it out first!!!

Jessica said...

Maybe they all don't look as alike as I think they do????!?!
Or all you all just bomb-ass guessers?