Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Someone is not paying attention

All this chatter between me and my fellow Aggies is probably confusing to you non-Ags. Long story short, a bunch of us college gal-pals are getting together next month in the California wine country to sit and chat about this and that.
Fun times!
Naturally, we've got to get worked up for this by reliving our college days...so, please forgive us for taking over seemingly random posts and Aggie-fying them ridonkulously.

So last night I was talking to my mom about the trip up to NorCal and how I would be stopping in Davis on the way back to breath the Davis air and get run over by a few hundred bikes and see toads in a tunnel...that sort of thing.

Mom said:
"That's a good idea to go on the way back, at least then you wouldn't be driving out of your way to go to Davis while you're on the way up there."

Me: What are you talking about? Davis is right on the 80.
Mom: I know, but you're going to be driving to near Calistoga, so you won't be going that way on the way there.
Me: What??? Davis is right on the 80! The 80 goes right through Davis!
Mom: But I take the 29 to get to Calistoga.
Me: And how do you think you get to the 29? From the 80!
Mom: But Davis is a right turn OFF of the 80.
Me: No mom. The 80 goes right through the middle of Davis. I'll be driving right through Davis on the way there AND the way back.
Mom: Really? Are you serious?
Me: Yes mom. I wouldn't lie to you about freeways.

Ah, moms.

***My mom who is clever and kind and ALWAYS right (dammit) and who is now reading this blog (eek!) would like me to let you know that she was in fact correct since if you live in North Davis you would turn off of Interstate 80 onto Highway 113 to get to your part of Davis, so though I am correct in saying that Davis is accessible by Interstate 80, she is also correct in saying that it is a right turn off of I-80, and onto Highway 113 to get to Davis. End of important message. Mom was right.***


Anonymous said...

Heehee. That is funny to my soul :)

P-town in D-town

Jessica said...

She probably still doesn't believe me. This is the woman who actually says her way is the "only and right way" to do things and that everyone else will eventually come to see that...

Meredith said...

Now I think I may drop by the UCD bookstore on my way to Calistoga...Brendan needs a UCD tee!

Tigerlilly said...

I am making a blogger quilt and am asking all my favorite bloggers to dig down deep and find your creative side. Would you be willing to quilt a 12" X 12" square? Make it reflect who you are!

email me at whereistigerlilly@yahoo.com if your interested!

Tigerlilly said...

YOU??? Cant sew??? Yeah, right.

Ok, well, I still want you to do it.. so maybe next time you are over we can put one together for you!

Jessica said...

I can sew, I just don't know how to do a quilt square, which sounds crazy, I know...
I've never done one before!