Monday, June 23, 2008

Alright, that's enough...

I'm fat, you're fat...blah blah blah...
Let's all go eat worms.

And look at some pics!


Anonymous said...

How cute are those pics! Love 'em!

Also, I should be your #1 "Davis is A-changin'" resource. Cantina has been demolished for quite awhile (I made out with some strangers on the street and then chugged some cider as a way to say goodbye to the 'Tina), we currently have 2 fro' yo' places (a thing I do) and a 3rd on the way, and the Hibachi Grill is now Burgers & Brew (a much better establishment).

So, for all your Davis insider scoop, you know who's got the straight up info.

JPepp McFlurry

Anonymous said...

I love the first pic of Ben adn Dylan!
Pep have you been to the burger place by the Gap? Went there on my way back from the airport. YUM.

Jessica said...

When they demolished Cantina, they demolished my heart. Weep.
If I would have known I would have crushed myself together with total strangers, puked in a dirty bathroom, then put on some very, very shiny lip gloss and bummed some cigarettes from a homeless man on the street as a farewell gesture.
AND Bogey's Books closed. Feh. What is this place anymore?!? Chipotle downtown?? Get the hell out of here.

Fro'Yo' A Thing I Do.
God damn I miss you Pepp. Pepp Talk was the best.
You'll have to be my Davis tour guide ever so briefly next month.

In that first pic you can really see the size difference between tiny baby and giant kid. I imagine that Dylan is Rocky and Ben is Mickey and he's telling him "Women weaken legs! Lay off the pet store dame."
But I'm crazy.

Anonymous said...

You are crazy, but it's okay.

I'm so glad you remember my "fro'yo'" line! I was hoping you would :)

I swear, when you come to Davis you will be FREAKED DA FUNK OUT by all the changes.

Joaner: I have been to that burger place used to be a jewelery store...where I got my wedding weird/sad/funny is that?


Jessica said...

The last time I was in D-town was right after your wedding Julie...that was four years ago!
I was shocked then!
Now I've turned into one of those "when I lived there it was cool, now it's sooo inauthentic" type annoying people. A back-in-the-day-ist.

Meredith said...

This is the saddest news ever. I feel like a part of me has died...Cantina RIP!

JPepp is so luck to still live there!!

I could totally use some razz ci right now...yum :)

Mustard said...

I died... it was sad. I drove by the scantina the day it was being demolished and I saw walls that I had cleaned the puke off of see the light of day. Carolyn almost shed a tear! I did 'procure' a little bit of cantina history though... the drink rolodex with all the original recipes ;)

Right hook anyone?

Andrea said...

Aha! I didn't know Mustard was Bryan! I totally want a right hook. I can't believe the sad news about the Cantina, and I also can't believe Julie didn't tell us when it happened! Where are we supposed to go drink when we visit next month? Sophia's I guess.

Anonymous said...

Um, yeah. I happen to know a guy at Sophia's. However, he's not as cool as that one hott Cantina bartender. What was his name? Hollis? Who knows, just get me a right hook STAT.

Remember when we had the super bowl party over at Bryan's, and we had the keg of razz ci? I had a final the next day (or some midterm thing) and it was also the day Survivor first aired. Man, the freakishly weird stuff I remember.


Jessica said...

Forget a Right Hook, I want a Hot Almond Lovin' and whatever that drink was with half a blueberry muffin and dirty lake water in it. Yummy.
HB Surprise?
What up B-Walk.

Meredith said...

What about the Tokyo Tea guys??? One of those would put me under.

The razz ci keg was yum! I remember! I think they also made tortilla chips in the fry daddy. Ah, sweet memories...

Mustard said...

Hot Almond Lovin... I totally forgot about that little number! Rum drink comes to mind also...Andrea :) so tasty, and so deadly. Rum, sugar, a squeeze of lime... in a pint glass!

Razz ci keg, Wes, some other guy and I finished that keg off at 5 am. It ruined me - didn't get out of bed the whole entire day!